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The unity in any painter's work arises from the fact that a person, brought to a desperate situation, will behave in a certain way... . - Frank Auerbach.

I strongly agree with this statement, and that creativity in art is heavily influenced by the state of mind of the artist. Given the chance from studying an art foundation course would give me the pleasure of developing my ideas of the psychology behind art while practically pursuing my strongest passion for the subject. My natural abilities and enthusiasm for art and expression through media have always been strong and I have a unquestionable commitment to do an art foundation course at university/college.

I am interested in exploring the roles of an artist as practitioner, researcher and curator that this course would offer. I would love to explore combined experimental studies and experience new areas of creative study, such as sculpture and ceramics, while broadening and strengthening the artistic skills I already have.

Official coursework and exams I have completed include an A* for GCSE Unendorsed Art and Design, and full marks in AS Level Fine Art, which included two units from my own source material and an examination brief unit. The source material used for units 1 and 2 were my own original photographs, which were included, along with many others, in my AS level fine art portfolio as extra coursework.

In the summer of 2006 I took part in work experience for two weeks with an interior design company. The skills I gained included photography, graphic and virtual design, broadened creativity in mixing media and colours and a portfolio of my own designs. I also have a part-time job in function suite, serving and working in the kitchens for events such as weddings, funerals, parties and christenings. I have been working there for a year and a half and it has developed, among others, my communication and people skills a great deal. This time working at Silkstone Lodge has given me opportunities where I have proven myself to be a reliable and responsible person.

In 2005 I participated in a regional Design and Technology challenge against other schools and colleges in the area. In this competition at Pontefract New College, we won first prize overall for skill and creativity. I have successfully completed Bronze and Silver Duke of Edinborough awards and I am continuing the scheme and working towards completing Gold. I have taken so much from the scheme, including realisation and/or development of skills, such as personal fitness, guitar performance, first aid and life saving.

Every year since I joined Wakefield Girls High School in 2002, I have attended open days to the public as either a tour guide or subject specialist (including art, design technology and chemistry). I am happy to give up a weekend every year to do this as I feel its so important to give what I can back to the school in whatever way I can. For this reason, about once a month I help at school events outside school hours, such as concerts or parents evenings, and I was elected to be a prefect and form prefect as a reward for my services and reliability. These positions also give me more responsibility opportunities during and outside school hours that strengthen me as a person and member of the school community.

Other school activities include being a active member of the original sound and lighting team which has given me many skills in technology that I use in school assemblies and performances, and occasional DJ opportunities in my part-time workplace. I would love to pursue this as a service or in a club at an institution such as university or college. I attend weekly debating societies, as an active member of the house, host, and developing the desire to join one of the debating teams themselves.

My strongest personal interests have always been focused on art and music. I have been playing the classical guitar for 7 years and my practised ability is going from strength to strength. I have performed in concerts and school events since I started playing and this has had a positive long-term affect on my confidence, with audiences of up to 800 people. Over the past couple of years I have developed an acute interest in photography. I take my camera with me wherever possible, mainly taking photographs for artistic purposes as well as casually capturing moments of fun.

My photography skills improved very quickly and a collection of my photographs were good enough to be included as art in my AS level art portfolio, as well as currently being in the final of a photography competition and having some photographs published in a book by I fill my free time with drawing and painting with a variety of media and purposes, as well designating time and the highest degree of attention into creating pieces of art, usually on canvases as gifts for family and friends.

I am committed to a keep fit programme created for me personally at the local health club, and I also enjoy swimming after school or work as a way of relaxing. These add up to my regular fitness routine, but I have also taken part is an endless list of team and group sports, such as Tai Chi, tennis, cricket and water sports, in and outside school. One side of my family originate from Italy, with some members living in the UK that I see on a regular basis.

Although I am not fluent in Italian I can speak it to a useful communicative degree and I would love to further learn the language and join clubs at university or college centred around the language or Italian culture.

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This personal statement was written by scopatrice for application in 2000.

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Personal statements should be about 2/3 about why you want to do the course/why you would be good for the uni to take on. 1/3 should be exrta-curric achievements and advantages as a uni student. mine is the other way round :S, but the content is all useful.


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Hmm i actually found this (art foundation) statement quite ineresting at the start, but then it just kind of went off track completely when the writer started going too far into detail about their personal life. If they had focused more on which part of the subect they enjoyed most and why/ also which medium they enjoyed using or if they had any experience working in a team.
Pfft, come on people, I haven't even began a statement yet and all it takes is some common sense reading another personal statement, instead of sitting there and whining because it's not already up to your standards. Sorry, to be harsh but I'm sure that even you know it's true!

It seems like you have an

It seems like you have an large amount of impressive acheivements/activities to talk about, yet I found the structure of the p.s. boring and found myself skipping bits out as I didnt feel a soulful energy in the way it was written; it seemed like you were bragging about your efforts more than expressing your passion for the things that you've done.

How can you refuse a student

How can you refuse a student like that even if their bragging their face off?

Impressive backlog of art

Impressive backlog of art related achievments but lacks the soul and passion of many others that ive read.

Why no paragraphs?? This

Why no paragraphs?? This whole thing's a massive block of text - nevermind it being boring, I can't read the damn thing.

I thought this statement was

I thought this statement was pretty impressive:)

This statement is so badly

This statement is so badly written I am surprised they passed GCSE English .

Interior Design Works Experience

I'm really interested in knowing what company you did your works experience with?

P.S.Really interesting and vibrant personal statement.

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