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Animation Personal Statement

Animation has amazed me ever since I was a young boy and I always remember watching Batman: The Animated Series every Saturday morning without fail and I think it was this cartoon that made me a massive fan of Animation in general. I loved the over the top characters, the bulky animation and the dark back-drops of the series.

These memories brought on a love for Art ever since and it quickly became my favourite subject at school and it felt more of a joy to do rather than a chore like a lot of other subjects can be. I studied Art and Design all the way through School and achieved a Higher B and Advanced Higher B.

I decided to go to college and study HND Graphic Design; this subject covered a whole range of different design aspects and opened up a lot more modern techniques to me while I was there which involved planning a design, creating it by hand and finishing the final solution on a computer. During this time I learned the Adobe CS3 suite which included using such packages as Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Dreamweaver and Flash. We were given a number of different design briefs and had to come up with a final solution to these briefs which varied from posters, magazines websites and books. However the brief I enjoyed doing most was the small Animation I was given, I had to create a 30 second Ident for ITV2. It was aimed at a younger audience so I decided to try Rotoscoping a dance-off (which was popular at the time) which worked very well. Creating this small motion feature thrilled me and it was then that I decided I would like to study this subject in a lot more depth so I've recently applied to do an HNC 3D Computer Animation course at the Met which begins in January.

Since leaving college in May I have kept my designs flowing by creating a website and business cards for myself as well as promoting gigs for my friend by designing him various posters and leaflets. Most recently I have designed some T-shirts for a wrestler in Japan. I mix this with my part-time job in ASDA in which I have met a number of new friends and find it enjoyable working as part of team with some good people. I also help them promote upcoming events, such as nights out, with some posters.

I have always been intrigued by Animation but it's been this past year that I've really come to appreciate it and would now like to try and make a career from this great art form.

Year applied: 
Art and Design



I loved your blog. Want more.


love it, very helpful

Sue and Joe Douel

Fabbo statement. Wow. Great stuff. Want to read more. Pease. Such love.


Im luvin it


you got a b

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