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Although growing up in a practical household full of businessmen, I’ve always been inclined towards art, and I recognise myself as a creative personality - being the first in my family to choose the creative arts as my future path. Art has always sparked as a simple interest, colouring books or presenting my imaginative world of anime onto paper. What made art so fascinating as a child was the unknown probability of reactions towards my artwork. I would see, perplexed, minds attempting to solve hidden puzzles in response to my artwork because I always hide a message inside every piece.

My interest in art never diminished as I continued my school years focusing on theoretical subjects but dring my AS and A level I took art as a subject which gradually improved my art and honestly it was the most enthralling subject among all of my other subjects. My interest in this field inflamed when I was introduced to the newly proposed subject- Graphic Communication through a course in Maya Academy that I took as a hobby during the lockdown. I learnt a few softwares there- Photoshop, Illustrator, After Effects, and Corel draw. My fascination for art continued to grow ever since.

Throughout my school years, I participated in several activities and one of my favourite activities was Duke of Edinburgh in my A levels and Odyssey of the Mind in my IGCSE 2, and both of them allowed me to explore more activities outside of school. I became my IT teacher's teaching assistant and taught my classmates on how to use Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Animate as it was there in our course. I played badminton and joined the music club in which I learned the keyboard.

Then, ‘The Odyssey of the Mind’ taught me problem-solving skills and leadership skills as I was the leader of my team and it was challenging for me because I have always preferred to work alone rather than with a group. However, through this competition, I learned that alone we can do so little, and together we can do so much. Volunteering at a home for underprivileged kids also helped me the most because it got me out of my comfort zone, speaking to people who come from completely different backgrounds, which has benefited me in every activity that includes communication with other people. My experience there has also enhanced my ability to communicate because we were all thrown in to talk to strangers.

During that time, I found a social skill I didn’t know I had, where I started to naturally make conversation with these people, being friendly. I also started an internship for a packaging company Epac Flexibles in which I gained a lot of experience in planning and decision-making.

My mind is constantly stimulated with inspiration no matter where I go. Living in the city of New Delhi, the capital of India, where there are massive amounts of tourists, brings up endless opportunities for me to explore and create. In an area of rich diversity, it is exciting to meet new people carrying their personalities and cultures. These people influence me with their adventures that open my perspective on the world which I enjoy recording in my art and would wish to share in college. In my belief, art is not only visual entertainment but a form of communication and storytelling and it is a path through which we can transfer emotions and change one's perspective whilst learning from others is what makes art relevant in history and I also depicted this message through a few of my art pieces.

I also feel that I am very much influenced by my environment. Those around me have always inspired me the most, being able to see how a person works and choosing to communicate their designs, motivates me to work creatively too. I think that this has been the biggest factor when I decided that I wanted to apply to this college.

I am looking to study this exciting course in Communication Design and to meet creative and motivated people in your college. I am a self-motivated and broad-minded person and, as a bird, I am ready to gather branches and create a nest, and I wish this small nest could be at your college, where I am eager to fly and begin a new journey. Finally, I am keen to meet like-minded people with the skills and enthusiasm to be successful at college and in becoming a professional graphic designer.

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this is my SOP for UAL


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