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‘No great artist ever sees things as they really are. If he did, he would cease to be an artist.’ - Oscar Wilde. This is the world I aspire to be in, one where I never have to see things as they really are, but as works of art.

My interest in Art, Design and Media started in year 10 when I chose Art as one of my options. Through my GCSE my teachers encouraged and enthused my love and passion for Art and Design, my ‘creative eye’ became more and more experimental, not just with my art, but with my fashion and style, and was a clear sign to me that this was the path I wanted to follow into future life. I have often raided the garden shed for interesting materials, and substances, to include and experiment with in my Art pieces. Building up textures with different materials, and colours, are I feel my strongest talent. My enthusiasm for these subjects grew even more when I bought my first camera, being able to capture images from a different perspective. I have used photography in my GCSE and A level art work, which has brought out another avenue I would like to study further. The inspiration of a piece of art can come from so many different aspects of life, from the way a dancer glides to the different shades of a rusty door knob.

Throughout the GCSE and A level courses of Art I have always had an open mind for trying new things, for example, printmaking, free stitching, staining, burning, sketching and painting. All of my projects, whether it be coursework or exam work, have all been contrastingly different, from reflections of water to architectural structures. I feel that this has helped me broaden my range of skills and inspirations. As a result, at the start of my A2 courses I discussed with my Art teachers and decided to take AS Textiles in addition to my three A2’s. I thought this would broaden my horizons and give me more experience and knowledge. There are many things that I haven’t been able to experiment with but I am excited be able to have the opportunity to experience different techniques and topics, for example, graphic design, three dimensional structures and fashion design.

During my English GCSE, most of my attention was drawn to the media side of the course, which inspired me to take up Film Studies at A level. During the course I have created a short film which I thoroughly enjoyed and used my creative skills to the best of my ability in every aspect of making the film. I particularly enjoy the cinematography part of the elements, being able to choose the camera positions and lighting to create a perfect frame. I also enjoyed the post production of the project, putting it all together and seeing it progress to the final piece was very motivating and would like to pursue this in greater detail.

For my work experience in year 12, I spent a week working in the Art Department in my school. It felt completely different seeing the teaching side of the department rather than being the student. It enabled me to gain knowledge of what teaching Art consists of and am very keen to experience this again. Because of my school being an arts college I am lucky to have been involved in several art events including ‘The Big Draw’. This was an event held at the weekend where the general public were able to come in and experiment with different types of art. This was a good experience enabling me to use my social skills and my art knowledge. I have also been able to show my work to the public and other students at Art and Film Studies open evenings, this made me feel as if my work was being appreciated and gave me a boost in confidence.

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first drsft of personal statement, any tips would be greaaaaat :)


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