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Art has always been a massive part of my life. I remember my first painting and I remember how I wished I had more time to make it better. Even as a child I strived for the best from my work.

I prefer Fine Art to anything else, as fine art to me has more potential in it to embrace the artists’ emotions and can contain more depth and concept than any other media. More specifically, I am fascinated by expressionism.

Being honest, after I left college, I suffered from depression and anxiety. This set me back a bit, and made me rethink the whole University situation. Whether I really wanted it? Whether I really needed it? After two of getting better, I realised: yes, it is what I need, and most definitely what I want. Being a little bit older than I was, and being a whole lot more committed, I know my mind is in a better place than it was two years ago. It’s given me time to think about what I really want to do with my life, what I want out of it and what I want to give back.

Art has helped me in the healing process of myself. When I paint or draw something, only I know it’s true meaning. It’s like a secret between me and the canvas and no one is ever going to find out. I like that about art. You can be yourself, and it doesn’t judge you. Instead it takes everything positive you have and amplifies it, making you and your soul infinitely beautiful.

When I found out that I could express myself and vent through something so simple as art, I researched into it, how I could get involved, how I could help others the way I wish someone had helped me earlier in my life? Then I found it; art therapy. That is my ultimate goal in life. To be able to help someone who needs my help. To be qualified and experienced and confident enough to help a stranger, through the means that I found so helpful and rewarding. But in the mean time, I would like to study art and an academic course to feed my love of learning, and by the end of it, applying for a teaching course and qualify as an art teacher.

During the two years from leaving College to now, I have had a few jobs here and there, giving me experience in the real world, only making me realise that I need to be surrounded by people with a similar mind to mine. However, the experience I did pick up has been most useful and rewarding.

I worked voluntarily for Care UK for a few months, where I gained a lot of organisational skills, and a business frame of mind. I gave excellent customer service and had clients ringing back to thank me personally. This made the idea of me helping people amplify in my mind, as it felt good to; firstly, have such nice feedback; but secondly, to know I helped someone out and made their day that little bit easier.

I was commissioned to do a painting in Miami, Christmas 2011. And have been working on smaller projects ever since. I have a lot of ideas I would like to have the ability to carry out. My home space isn’t big enough to fulfil all my artistic needs, so I have started channelling my creativity into graphic art. I love the range you can get with just a button, but nothing beats getting your hands dirty and having everything you’ve worked on mapped out in front of you.

In my spare time, I like to read, a lot. I read a lot of thriller, crime and horror books. I go to art galleries and museums as often as I can, viewing new exhibits and local art. I enjoy playing the keyboard, writing poems and sketching.

I also like to learn during my spare time. I have completed an introduction to philosophy course on the website ‘Coursera’ with the University of Edinburgh; I am very interested in the way the mind works, the way normal and abnormal humans think. This sometimes comes across in my art work, but is something I would like to evolve further as I work out my true style and what kind of an artist I truly am. The study of an academic subject, along with art will push me further into my hopeful career of art therapy and how the two intertwine.

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Erm, basically, I took 30 minutes in writing it. But I was so passionate about writing it, it just all came out. I think there's a time to write it, instead of trying to drip feed your self into something.


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