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My infatuation with games started when The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker came out on the Gamecube, thereafter it became a steady passion to be a part of the games industry. I am endlessly fascinated with the contrasting experiences you can feel with games, and the people that are willing to dedicate so much time to a new experience.

I have experience using 3D software packages and the Adobe Creative Collection, which is necessary to show technical art skills to explain my ideas. Group work is important to the course as it is a valuable skill needed to work in the industry as well as an understanding person willing to help people who need it. The Computer Games Art course will help further my work experience and develop my portfolio to industry standards.

During my time on Games, Animation and VFX I have learned 3D modelling is very technical and it is not just based around art, especially when it comes to modular asset design for environments. Texturing is similar in this regard as making sure the texture size is divisible by 2 such as 512 or 1024 rendered UV templates. I use a range of texture maps in my college work such as diffuse, specular, normal, and ambient occlusion. My current course has helped me because learning the C# language as an artist can help bridge the gap between designers and developers.

During the course I use software such as 3ds Max, Maya, Mudbox, Photoshop, Substance Painter, Unity, and the Unreal engine. I have explored the 12 principles of animation by Frank Thomas and Ollie Johnston to create an aesthetically pleasing piece such as Squash and Stretch, Anticipation, and Pose to Pose. I am also taught technical art skills such as the rule of thirds, volume, and colour theory and how composition affects the viewer.

Being able to draw is vital as an artist to communicate myself pictorially to further my ideas rather than relying purely on verbal communication. I understand the games pipeline from concept to post production as well as how games companies are funded such as publishers or Kickstarter. I enjoy producing concept art for the course and creating art at home while learning the technicalities of the software packages. Having often worked in groups on the course, it has helped me develop leadership and organisational skills to help bring projects along and keep to a tight deadline.

I have taken part in the Global Game Jam with my college and the Game Blast to raise money for charity. I also recently attended the European Gaming Exhibition this year watching the talks and keeping up with what is happening in the industry. I have previous experience in bar work which has helped me in knowing how to calmly deal with difficult people and helping people that are new, whilst also working under pressure for a great deal of time. I also volunteered for St.John's Ambulance which helped me be calm under pressure and I was a school librarian, keeping the area tidy and organising and maintaining the books.

In my spare time I practise playing guitar and ukulele, which is a skill that has taken years for me to learn and I am continuing to improve. I am also a big fan of learning languages such as French, Japanese, Korean, Russian, and Spanish. These take a lot of work and dedication to learn, but nothing can’t be achieved by practising daily and setting yourself new goals. Since I was introduced to technology from a young age I have been keen to understand it and experiment with it such as modifying games to enrich my own experience with them.

In the future I aspire to be a Senior Games Artist for a games company like Bethesda or Coatsink. I am very organised which includes the correct naming conventions for files, while bringing a positive attitude to lessons to help motivate people to do their best work while helping them when they run into errors. I am looking forward to expanding new skills and working with new people as part of a team.

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I got into all the unis I applied for but I was mainly focused on Teesside because they had some of the best courses in this area. I would recommend this uni as the lecturers are amazing and have insane equipment that's also 24hrs. For these courses the personal statement doesn't matter too much, they just want to look at your portfolio and they will judge you on that.

Teesside uni - Computer Games Art BA
- Concept Art BA

Good luck!


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