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Taking up Art as a profession is a risky but exciting journey where you keep exploring and envisioning the world from different angles, colours and creating for it, to boost its worth. The creative industries are usually seen as worse and effortless jobs through the majority of people I have heard from. Yet I personally, have always referred to that opinion as a blind perspective. Everything we see from the label on a bottle and logo of your local shop to a website or magazine you are looking through, it was all created through Graphic Design, and most people don’t realise its importance. The reason we stop and admire different forms of art is because each shape and colour on it sends signals to our mind that attracts us to it. Every time I go to a shop, my main focus is scanning around, admiring and putting my constructive criticism to packaging. The typography, colour scheme, images, shape and even the texture, feel and smell of different materials is fascinating when it all comes together. Each type of process I use to create, I love to explore different mediums; if it’s getting messy with paint, glue and sticking bits in, or organising yourself in the Adobe suite to create a refined advert or logo.

Over my A Level studies I have improved my skills in creative thinking, creating and exploring. Working closely with Photoshop building adverts, posters and DVD covers, allowed me to open my eyes to digital artistic possibilities, being able to manipulate images, curve texts and change hues of specific areas. This will be an essential skill for my degree course since Photoshop is a very complex programme, and all I will need to do is boost from the foundation I have. Learning the art of photography, mainly through composition, has taught me how to use the existing world around me and capturing its beauty or nature to use in my work, which will help me in graphic design, being able to take my own photographs to a professional standard, with the right lighting, balance and colour. The main element of art that has helped me improve is being able to research, and creating original ideas. After looking for inspiration online, in books and from the environment I am able to generate many unique ideas for my work, which also develops excitement in me to complete each stage of my work.

Duke of Edinburgh at the Bronze level, allowed me to explore more activities outside of school. I started volunteering in a charity shop, playing badminton and joined an art club. All these activities helped me understand how exciting it can be to get involved in the community. Volunteering at Cancer Research helped me the most because it got me out of my comfort zone, speaking to people while operating the till, which has benefited me in every activity that includes communication with other people. NCS has also enhanced my ability to communicate because we were all thrown in to talk to strangers our age. During this I found a social skill I didn’t know I had, where I started to make conversation naturally with these people, being friendly. In university this will be an essential skill to make friends and get along with people, same with the course where I will need to be able to work in groups to create projects.

As a student I like to focus on my work to create meticulous pieces and just dedicating myself to being creative. No matter if its group work, individual or partnered, I will make sure to put my views and self forward so the project reflects part of me.

My plan for the future is to work as a Graphic Designer in a company for a couple of years, gain experience and hopefully move onto becoming a freelancer. This will allow me for more freedom and artistic happiness, working with many mediums, creating for people, showing them what passion can go into an alluring piece of work. Being an artist is a completely different way of living life, and that’s the way I want to view the world in the future.

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Second draft that I have sent off through UCAS. For now I have 3 interviews out of 5 but its going well so far! Hope it helps, and any constructive criticism is welcome :)


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