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"Life beats down and crushes the soul and art reminds you that you have one" Stella Adler.

Where the line of normalcy is shaped differently in the eyes of artists, as everything is relative, there exists the freedom that only artists can create - the space, colour and texture on which that line of normalcy lies, in order to make it one at all.

To extent my egomania is an honest tool of my style, it is in need of elaboration and solidifying within the disciplines and professionalisms in studying art at college.

As an AS Psychology student, I learnt that the perception of stress is relative - where I find the paranoia of my reality stressful, it is much of my escape that I share with many others to spend time doing Art & Design (currently at A2) in free-periods and after school to produce more research, drawings, developed experiments and final pieces, from my C at GCSE to an A for AS. I am also predicted an A for A2. This drive came from a particular experience, which I'd rather not speak of.

More relevantly, I am experienced in etching and print-press, collagraph, photography, life sketches, multi-media and Photoshop. I have used a range of materials in previous artworks: works on canvas, and acrylic, installations, multi-media works and film editing, of which I am able to use iMovie and Cyberlink Power Director and have competent use of, as I take a personal interest in film-making.

I have also voluntarily produced and edited advertisement films for 2 competing business studies classes where I was able to help creatively and equally, providing that it was their own equipment and concept.

In studying English (Lit./Lang.) the analytical aspects have helped aquired the appropriate information behind concept. As an aspiring poet, I have contributed poems of my own to the school's English Literature Magazine (of students works) and have written for the 6th Form monthly Newsletter, 'Rant N Rave, for which I have written poetry and articles. I have also dispersed these creative energies in Music Technology.

At the Dubai 92.0 FM Radio Station, I was able to take a glimpse into the radio industry, as well as accompany the radio-jockey 'Catboy' on air.

As there were 2 other students, we organized play lists; part of the job was to understand the business aspect of airtime. In May 07, I was given the opportunity to work-shadow a General Planning Manager, involving the planning of layouts and structures of building shopping malls for Majid Al Futtaim, Dubai. This helped me realize the importance of relation between physical demands of construction and planning.

I have obtained certificates and commendation letters, project certificates, best advertisement for Shakespeare's 12 Night Play, intermediate snowboarding, skiing, and have achieved the Duke of Edinburgh Bronze.

As I have lived in and travelled countries from Malaysia to Switzerland, France to Saudi Arabia, I have more cause to find a universal message that not only makes us appreciate diversity, but unifies us as human beings. From a Marxist perspective, I deliberately refuse to accept the pyramid of our society. This is simply one constant idea and philosophy that even disturbs my sleep.

Fully aware of the competition that goes on in the media industry, with my competitive and somewhat cynical characteristic; I am able to critically self-evaluate which forces me to better myself constantly improving my skills and techniques, adhering to the business aspects as well.

Taking first year studies or foundation art would help me explore more skill which I am capable in a more professional and disciplined manner as well as improve specified research work.

My aspirations are based on my persistency, enabling me to work adaptively in the art business. I may work towards the Visual Communication, Painting, Intermedia art or Illustration, not sufficed to say the least, and followed entry into Second Year Studies to define my Specialism.

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This personal statement was written by egomayo for application in 2009.

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Please give me any advise, and be absolutely critical.
Am I being an egomaniac?
Do I need to include more information on my artistic techniques?



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