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The main reason I came to England was to pursue my passion in Art and Design, to learn more about the different disciplines and to develop my creative thinking. My work is primarily concerned with communication and I deploy a broad range of approaches in its execution. I am particularly interested in combining photography with graphic design to communicate the message of the piece to a specific audience. It is for this reason that I am applying to do a BA degree to further my knowledge and understanding.
I am currently on a Foundation Diploma course at the Arts University College Bournemouth where I have enjoyed exploring a range of disciplines such as fine art, photography, graphic design and 3D design. I have also discovered the importance of the creative process and gathering primary and secondary research. Through my self-initiated project I understand how this approach to research can push the boundaries of my work taking it to a more successful, informed and coherent outcome. I have also had the opportunity toimprove my life drawing and observational skills, these sessions have helped allow me to experiment with a range of mark-making techniques and made me really look and document the objects or model in a more focussed way, trying to get the weight and character of the model. My studies so far mainly integrate Graphic elements to theoverall project design. My consideration of Graphic Design is to communicate a message, an idea or concept to be able to get it across implementing crucial visual communication methods. Essentially, to me it is what Art and Design is all about; communication. I admire the work of Neville Brody as his work very strongly communicates with the audience using a combination of typography and photography. I have found this method of working extremely influential as I use both photography and graphics in my work.
While at school I experimented with different disciplines in photography, including macro photography, which reflects on my constant interest of small and simple objects. Location photography which comes from my love of travelling, it also gives me endless opportunity to experiment with angles and lighting. Working in a studio always give me great satisfaction because of learning from experience and the opportunity of getting everything perfect and the way I envisage it. I am hard working and determined to achieve the best results possible - so I work until I get the result I desire. I have recently discovered the work of Jason de Graaf. I was excited to see that he not only used photorealism but also had a strong resemblance to the photography project I completed last year. The project involved researching and employing photographic techniques of high-speed photography,which would allow me to produce a series of works showing fast moving objects frozen in time.During the education I was awarded a highly commended status in fine art and photography.
Last summer I spent the season doing interior decorating. This enabled me to gain valuable experience in working in a professional environment and team working. In my job I had to consider the implementation of colour theory to real life situations. With one job in particular I was responsible for a project where I had to design an abstract piece of work that would match the interior design of a house. I am also passionate about driving which helped me realise the importance of decision making and how vital it is to being focused on what you do. I participate in a range of sporting activities such as football, swimming and extreme sports which has a big influence on my life because I know that pushing myself and exceeding the limits is essential in gaining knowledge and achieving my aspirations.
I am a hard working and motivated student who is keen to learn more about the subject area and do a course that will help me become a professional in the field of visual communication.

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