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Time after time I am engaged with the subjective viewpoint that art conveys. Art is grounded in beliefs, ideologies and feelings, three features that depict humans, shape individuals and craft individualism. I for one believe that the ability to express what starts of as an idea, and magnify it into something iconic to share with millions of people is a great act of selflessness and something I admire strongly in those who follow an artistic lifestyle.
I have developed numerous skills from my A levels that would benefit me for an Art degree. As a student I have learnt to think imaginatively and as an artist I have become captivated in the work and projects I am involved in. I am enthusiastic and dedicated about each aspect of art that I have explored, with an eagerness to continue my studies in this area.
Science resembles a puzzle combined with a secret. There is so much I do not know and so much that I want to know. The feeling of realising how big the world and universe is, knotted with the complexity yet simplicity is mesmerising. I admire how science will never end and we will never stop knowing about it.
For me, language is so complex and influential that I find it completely intriguing. Words and phrases that behold connotations that reach thousands of thoughts and help mould emotions for people to explore. It fascinates me how I have been given the ability through language to develop myself emotionally and intellectually.
Through these subjects I possess the ability to reach degrees of formality in my written and spoken language in English and also being able to apply science and facts to ideas and concepts. These skills can be used to further better myself in an Art degree.
Film and music have a vast impact on my affection for art. The right book, composition or film scene can reach me and change everything in a moment showing me that there are other eyes and minds that recognise and see what I see. I find it easy to watch the same film over and over, even if only twenty minutes has dazzled me in its artistic quality, whether it be the written script, music score or colossal digitals, those twenty minutes take foundation in my mind and are merely impossible to eradicate.
Currently I am a trusted mentor for younger students in my school, which I visit weekly in aid to represent myself as a friendly figure for them to approach in situations that they may need help or advice in. Recently I volunteered in lower school events that consisted of helping primary school children engage with a diverse range of subjects.
As a member of the community I had training with the British Red Cross. Within this I visited primary schools to promote the importance of the Red Cross and their role in the world. Through this I learnt first aid skills and broadened my own knowledge of the role the Red Cross hold. I am fond of this experience as I know it will be beneficial to me for the rest of my life. Of late I played a part in a National 'Big draw' event. Whereby I spent a Saturday encouraging children to draw and embrace Art, this included creating an image to embody Remembrance Day.
Most recently I undertook work experience at a secondary school for a week's placement where I worked alongside the Art teacher in her lessons. This consisted of preparing equipment prior to the lessons and cooperating with children aged 11 to 15. This was a unique role for me as I became an authoritative figure for children whilst being a listener, advisor and collaborator. This experience allowed me to understand and cope with larger responsibilities and tasks whilst understanding the importance of being a person that those around me could rely on. Furthermore I acquired self-reliance skills when demonstrating that I was able to work independently and be self-aware.
I have never been sure about my future and where I would end up in years to come, because in some way my path has already been set, I know that no matter what I will be creating.

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