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Why I want to study Art? Art is a very important part of my life which began when I was a child and went through good and bad times of my life with me. Art inspires people, remind them they are not alone and there is always a reason to keep going. Art also entertain people, make them happy and enjoy themselves. Even if people do not think about it because Art is everywhere around us. I enjoy that art is just a subjective and varying term, really anything can be art if you put your mind and passion into it.

Since I was a child I have been drawing. That is the only thing I have been passionate about my whole life. There have been moments when I would forget about it but when I looked at something simple, it would remind me how much I love doing it. There is always something that could inspire you in your surroundings even if it the most ordinary thing, a layout of a room, a building you have passed a million times but never noticed, the people on the street or even a detail on a pen. Having an artistic perspective has given me a very unique way of looking at things, for instance, where others see an ordinary building, I see an architectural marvel of curves and engineering. I want to be able to help people the same way Art helps me. I want to do something I enjoy and it will not be just a career, it will be a way of life.

During my two years of Architectural studies, I learned that there are many ways of how you can create something. I also learned that there are many different materials you can use to create something that could be called art, I got inspired not only from work of famous people but also from other students’ work and way of thinking. A skill I started improving was communication. With all the team work and the need of speaking with different people, improving that skill was a must. Working in team and as an individual at the same time helped me develop time management and multitasking skills. I have been creative and enthusiastic person my whole life. My favourite subject, except art, was maths. I have always had an affection for it throughout all the years I have been in school and it helped me develop and later improve my problem solving and logical skills. I have the determination to study Arts. I want to keep improving the skills I have, as well as, learning and developing new ones. I want to meet new creative people and explore even more the world of Arts.

I see music the same way I see art. Different notes and beats put all together to create a piece of work delivered with passion and energy. Cinema, photography and architecture hold the same qualities for me.

Every person sees the world differently. Some may see a dirty, old telephone box, a photographer will see the telephone box with red light inside and an inspiration for a fine art photo. Some may see just an abandoned ruined building and an architect an inspiration and opportunity for a new one.

A person once told me that there is no right or wrong in art. Even if someone does not like it, you do and you did it for yourself first of all and you enjoyed it. I want to continue with art for myself as well as to inspire people to do the same, to not give up on their dreams. Art is not only a career choice but a life choice, my life choice.

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