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Like sparkling prisms, contemporary artistic expressions have been significantly arising in multifaceted forms. In fact, we have been constantly under several simultaneous stimuli nowadays and as a result it seems our perception is increasingly getting used to this pattern.

Therefore, I believe that cross art form projects are deeply relevant for the contemporary audience, besides being personally very satisfactory ways of expressing my ideas.

My interest on the interdisciplinary creative subject started when I was invited by my ex-teacher DMus. Claudio Dauelsberg to form the PianOrquestra Group with two other outstanding ex-students of him and an fifth musician. Inspired by John Cage's prepared and expanded piano ideas, we explored the countless possibilities of extracting unique sounds from the piano as we composed and made arrangements in the Brazilian Popular Music style for our ten hands.

As we realized the visual potential of our presentations, we gradually developed them in wider shows by adding lighting design and choreographed gestures.

That experience sparked my eagerness about performing works that mix different types of artistic expressions. I was fortunate then to come out with ideas about musical and theatrical elements which were useful in building our concerts up.

Until that time I had been focussed on achieving the best performance level at the piano that I could. As about my Bachelor Degree in piano performance, I graduated with academic honours.

Also I started my engagement in performing contemporary music and premiering works during those years. However, I could grow much more than just in piano skills while I was at University. I was prefect at the Piano Department for one year, when I could support the communication between students and the teacher's council and I helped to mobilize the students to make an welcoming day.

When I started the Postgraduation in Piano Performance I was already working with piano teaching, accompaniment, playing at recitals and touring with the PianOrquestra group.

Fortunately I could manage the busy work schedule with the academic duties well. In fact, at the half of the course I was granted by the Brazilian Government with a scholarship due to my good record so far, which allowed me to slow down on work and accomplish the rest of the academic tasks more calmly.

At the end of the course I was glad to be praised by the examination board for the ecletism of presenting a classical piano recital and a related dissertation about popular music as final assignments. Indeed I believe the enjoyment in a wide spectrum of subjects is very concerned to the present days!

In 2007 I went to a trainning program with the charity Youth With a Mission, in Harpenden (UK) as my gap year plan.

That was an unique experience, when I had my horizons greatly expanded. Living in an international community let me learn a lot about different cultures and cooperation. During that time I could enjoy other abilities of mine, like organisation of events and photography, and I am keen to explore them in future projects.

I feel that taking that gap year was decisive for me to figure what path I wanted to follow in my career. Through lots of brainstorming I could be sure that my artistic passion goes very beyond music. As a creative person, my urgency of saying something to the world frequently flows in ideas for multi-stimuli events. All this considered, my aim is to be involved with interdisciplinary projects keeping piano performance as my main tool.

To carry on this intention, recently I have been engaged in enlarging my field of knowledge by attending to art exhibitions and discussion groups, watching contemporary concerts and doing circus and theatrical technics classes.

In 2009 I presented a seminar about 'Happennigs and Performance Art' that was very useful for my theoretical learning. Lately I attended a Video Performance course when I created and performed the work 'Up', on which video projection, improvised music and action were mixed.

To conclude, although I already own a Master degree, I am eager to do the MA in Contemporary Arts and Music because my passion burns for the interdisciplinary subject in such a way that I am excited just in thinking about how much I will learn and discover during that time.

I feel that I can become a successful student for gathering passion and artistic gift with discipline. I am used to give my best on my tasks and face the odds with boldness and determination to overcome them.

Also, I believe that I can benefit from my life experience to achieve a good development in the course, which may pave my way to further studies and to a relevant career.

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This personal statement was written by kesiadecote for application in 2010.

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That was my personal statement for the application to MA in Contemporary Arts and Music at Oxford Brookes University, which I ended up being offered a place at the course, which I may start in 2011.


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