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When I was young, my friends always wanted to come round to my house after school because my mum would let us paint. We had a big easel, a large supply of powder paints, felt tip pens and pencil crayons. I was given the freedom to express myself through these means from a very young age and I still find art the best way to express myself now.
At A-level my photography developed to a high standard and I was offered a place to do fashion photography at the London College of the Arts. However I decided not to accept, as I did not wish to commit to photography alone. I decided to take a place at Doncaster College doing a performing arts national diploma. I was a committed and able student fully engaging with all aspects of the course and thoroughly enjoying it also. However as the course was so time consuming I had little time to continue painting and drawing and I missed it terribly.
In September 2007 just as I was about to start my second year one of my best friends committed suicide. I became depressed and felt unable to continue attending. Throughout the following year I used art as a way to express my emotions. It helped me come to terms with what had happened much more than anything else did. Although I had been offered a place to continue my Performing Arts National Diploma the following year I decided to apply for a foundation art and design course.
Doing an art foundation course has given me the freedom and facilities to begin pursuing what I really enjoy. As a student and an artist I become totally absorbed in the piece of work or project I am involved in. I am dedicated and enthusiastic about all of the arts, which I have explored and am eager to continue my studies and better myself not only as an artist but also as a person.
There have been many artists who have inspired me in my own creative path. These include Guy Bourdin, Tracey Emin, and Joesph Cornell, as well as many others. Viewing other artists work helps me to better understand Art itself, as well as helping me to discover which pathway would be best for me. I enjoy regularly attending exhibitions of my favourite artists and also of artists I have not previously known.
Installation art is something I would like to explore further as I progress. I love the idea of being given a space to make my own.
Seeing other friends go off to University in previous years has been strange but I am glad I have waited until this time to apply as I have gained maturity and take a more serious attitude towards my work. I am willing to put more time and effort in because of this.
After completing my degree I would like to pursue a career in art therapy. I feel art gave me a way to express what I was feeling when I could not truly understand it myself. It gave me a release and I would like to help other people to be able to use art in the same way.

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This personal statement was written by kettles.boiled for application in 2009.

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Although this is not the final draft of my personal statement i thought others might find it helpful...and also it would be interesting and helpful for me to see what others think.


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