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As I have come through life, I found out that even though I enjoyed various jobs I took, the best of them all is the one the heart is sat on. Until recently I would have only dreamed to study within the Art and Design industry.

So here I am keen to change that. Unfortunately my early hopes of becoming an architect, thirteen years ago, where shattered due to some unpredicted changes in my life such as financial issues, frequent changes in location, two kiddies, etc.

Certain constraints diverted my path towards administration, then very subtly accountancy took over and yet again, back into administration. I even went ahead and studied about them as these choices seemed quicker to achieve and more rewarding financially. Now, it beats me why? Therefore a few months ago I sat down and thought over, realistically, that I'm at the point and the age where I need to decide what feels right for me, what is my direction from now on and will Art and Design remain only an unachievable dream?

Although as a teenager I started preparing for architecture through time my choice took shape towards product design because I find it closer to my aspiration and my guts. It feels the right choice for me; it feels just like a home buyer finds his perfect home, that would foster him for a very long time or like the parent that goes straight to his child at the end of the school day.

Sadly enough for me I have never taken an official preparatory course in Art and Design, but lately I've organised my time to do some reading (studying a series of relevant books either purchased or borrowed from libraries), drawing (started building my portfolio), self tuition of computer software (3D Max and Photoshop) and took guidance from specialised people (mostly my relatives as mom is a sculptor/painter, father designer - furniture and interior, brother-in-law graphics and web designer) to catch up a bit of the lost time.

Since I'm not in my teen ages and considering the responsibilities around motherhood, I trust my abilities to embark straight into an university course. And even though it might seem a bit late and too hard to go through the process of starting a new career, I'm willing to give my best as I feel as enthusiastic as a teenager.

What I can bring to this field is whatever skills I gained through work (although I realise it's not all directly relevant to this industry), my mature and responsible thinking, my organised, my creative and meticulous character, my talent in art, then hoping to mix them with the right education to get the formula that makes a person feel accomplished and a job well done. This is why for me the completion of this course is fundamental.

Although I have other responsibilities now, in my spare time music serves me as a particularly rewarding hobby, then playing guitar, arts and crafts and reading.

Within Product Design section I would probably focus more on the furniture design and developing new objects that make life simpler using minimum and environmental friendly materials and who knows what else ''the possibilities are endless'' as some might say. No matter where I'll study I know my choice will lead me towards my goal.

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This personal statement was written by babuskamuska for application in 2008.

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Even if this PS is not an amazing, super, extraordinary, terrific one it is actually the one that really mirrors my facts. I haven't tried to embelish it or make up situations or feelings or to impress in any way or kind. Is purely and simply something that I needed to say and however it is it got me where I wanted.


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this statemenet realy aint

this statemenet realy aint that good


Does anyone know where i can get other product design personal statements ?

Christian Naughtly

wow this is super thanx a gazzilion friend



Jade Carter

i most certainly agree this is like the bible

darn it its that good!



how is product design not part of art and design???

The best i ever read in here.

The best i ever read in here.
It cheers me a lot.
Thank you.

This personal statement is so

This personal statement is so negative, it's awful!

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