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Honestly, I can't imagine myself doing another thing but studying art, the same way I refuseto think in a professional future out of this area.

I'm actually studying art in Spain and I feel that since I started studying art in a formal way, my life has completely changed. From the day I began experimenting with all kind of materials, techniques and processes, I have a need of learning and experimenting that makes me passionate about what I do. Even though my first university year was hard due to personal obstacles I had to go through, I have always tried to dedicate all the time I've could to practice, and besides the academic work, I've tried to increase my knowledge visiting all the galleries and art museums that I've could. I'm from Bilbao so, I've visited The Guggenheim Museum several times and I always try to visit the local galleries everywhere I go. I've put into practice what I've learnt in a freer way through personal projects I've included in my portfolio.

To be honest, I know that this course would mean a huge step in my education and my career .Even though, I enormously appreciate the education I've got in my actual university, I feel that I have to take a step forward, go further. I think that in this course, I could unleash the enormous need I have to explore new perspectives regarding the art practice and expanding my horizons. I want to go in deep into the actual art scene, and at the same time, get to know firsthand the multicultural diversity and the millions of different ways of thinking that this implies. I know that I'm making the right choice investing on you.

As regards to my artistic preferences, even if I enjoy all kind of art, I consider myself more into sculpture than in other areas, where I find my real liberation. How a combination of objects, materials, a simple form, a matter of volume, spaces, shadows,organisation, can have so much capacity of expression behind and gives you the oportunity to show your ideas in a non conventional way, and can create something out of the ordinary, it's just fascinating to me. I find sculpture more interesting from the second half of the twentieth century, and I'm actually, a big fan of artists like Bruce Newman, Dabid Hamons, Mona Hatoum, Ranjani Shettar, Cady Noland, Janis Kounellis, Paul Kos, Eva Hasse, Hans Haacke...

This doesn't mean that I have no interest in other artistic areas, quite the opposite. Even if it's not my first choice, I love painting and photography, and I truly believe that it is also important not to close your mind to other media because from my personal experience, it has been essential in my educational process.

In short, I can say that this whole statement is based on the desire to evolve in all aspects of my life. To be able to fully dedicate to what I love, to what makes me feel complete, with perseverance and hard-work, and of course, with a daily improvement. This is, and will alwaysbe my place.

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