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To take a journey in art is to follow a path that is never ending; you will never know all there is to know or see and discover all there is out there.

You will find yourself 10 years down that path still discovering new things, getting excited and inspired by the most ordinary of things, question the media to which we are exposed, whether it be the design of a C.D.cover, a window display, the layout of a room or even the shapes and lines of a shoe.

For those of us that choose art, it is not a career or a hobby, but a passion, a way of life. We all see the world differently, and when I take a moment to look around me, my mind starts to buzz with ideas about my material surroundings.

My future, as I see it, will have art as an anchor. I would hope that after completing my degree, I would continue my studies in my chosen field and make a professional career out of art. I couldn't possibly imagine never being connected to the art community and to a world of talent and imagination where anything is truly possible.

Because art is a passion to those who choose to study it, I believe that its students really do put their hearts and souls into their work and push themselves that extra mile.

When I was in my portfolio course I was so captured by exploring the different disciplines, mixing and experimenting with colours , textures, light and different mediums and effects, that I found myself taking my work future than was asked of me, out of pure enjoyment and curiosity.

I currently work in retail and I jump at the chance to dive into any kind of art project for work like designing adverts for our advertising, shop display and window dressing.

I do commissioned work on an individual basis, which I love. I love having a project to focus on at all times, to give me focus and goals and to inject my never ideas into.I'm doing a part time course in fashion as I feel it has become my main passion having now being exposed to all the disciplines and variety in the art sector.

What captivates me most about this discipline, Is the opportunity to mix others with it, like photography, graphic design, painting or even something as simple as using print for your textile design. It also allows me to both design and create my work in three dimensions.

I love the design process but working with my hands to accomplish a finished product is the most rewarding for me. It is fair to say that since my childhood art has been my direction and an integral part of my life, from helping to design and make the sets and costumes for school plays to making my dolls clothes.

Keeping in touch with the art community is vital for me, it is a community where no matter where you live or whatever your background, you can meet with like minded people to interact with and discuss views, exchange ideas learn new things, find new artists and see new exhibitions.

Seeing live bands play whether local or internationally recognised is also something that I get great enjoyment and inspiration from.

I see music in the same way I see art, composed of simple riffs and beats all put together to different timing and order to create a piece of work delivered with passion and energy, and so I have a great respect for anyone who shares that talent and gift with the rest of the world.

Likewise, cinema and photography hold the same qualities for me. The idea here of capturing a still image which can be so ordinary and make is appear in a different light, giving the viewer and insight into how you see things. To make the ordinary extraordinary and deliver it for all to see.

I'm choosing to study abroad to meet new people and discover a different culture, change my entire environment and move out of the comfort zone, which I think is where most people tend to produce their best work.

There is no right or wrong in art and it can be translated a million different ways. Art is not a career choice, it is a life choice. It is my choice and always will be.

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This personal statement was written by miaz9 for application in 2008.

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I read all the guidlines, and then i wasnt sure wether to stick to the paragraph formation or anything else. a couple of days later i had a copy in front of me and i just started writting how i felt about this whole college and art thing. i dont know if ill get in with it. i totally ignored all the rules, but its from the heart, its not a rehersed speech, its the first draft i wrote. hope it helps. ill keep you posted as to wether it worked or not......Id love any feed back on this.


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and deep to lol it inspired me thanx

wow...any employer would be a

wow...any employer would be a fool to not give someone a job if they gave them a personal statement/ interview like that. Even if the art isn't that good, the passion in the artist would be a huge selling point for potential employers.


Thanks a million for the feedback. just to let ye know, i got an interview from it, still waiting to see if the portfolio end of things works out..............

I got it, i got the place in

I got it, i got the place in college, life is sweet.

Your PS inspired me so much

Your PS inspired me so much that I'll finaly start mine - something I've been putting off since a long ago.
Congratulations for your place at college, well deserved. And good luck in your "journey into art"!
Thanks a lot for having shared this with other people.

pretentious much?

pretentious much?

Wow, really nice personal

Wow, really nice personal statement, you actually inspired my to do mine as soon as I read it. (:
Not as good as yours though. (:


we are so sorry, we thought this was a friend's statement.

our last comment was a joke, soooo sorry..

we loved the last line, it actually was deep.

good luck


feel excatly the same as this

feel excatly the same as this artist does. how can it be "deep" when its so real.

this is crazy good. i dont

this is crazy good. i dont know how you put that emotion into words! definitely an inspiring statement.

i cringed throughout reading

i cringed throughout reading yours yet im writing mine with a similar passion and cringing at what im writing hahahax

represent. haha



Where did you apply might I

Where did you apply might I ask?


this piece is a piece of inspirational writing! has encouraged me to go further with my art career!!

ohh it`s art also, how you

ohh it`s art also, how you are writing :)

You spelt further wrong!

You spelt further wrong!


This personal statement was so beautiful I almost had tears in my eyes haha. Na but seriously, you have written everything I feel but couldn't get out onto paper. Thanks this has helped with my personal statement and let me show how passionate I am about art. :) X






Where did you apply to?


I think this is a real great blog article.Really looking forward to read more. Awesome.

beautifully writen, was

beautifully writen, was really helpful to, so much passion, this statement is a work of art itself

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