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When the world went berserk during the US presidential elections in 2016 over the herculean power shift to a questionable authority figure, I was busy thinking about how my homeland and the land I've made a home out of would be affected. Additionally, having been through lessons and lessons on world hegemonic powers, I was also able to shift my focus to a bigger scale of things. The relationship between countries and their people is a dynamic and fascinating phenomenon, and I am excited to pursue this course of study at a time when changes that are revolutionary and yet so confusing are taking place.

Having been born in the land of multiculturalism, dealing with diversity is definitely my cup of tea. India's growing importance in the international arena has always forced me to be politically aware of both national and international matters. If you are a student studying in the Indian CBSE system, choosing your stream of study is more like deciding what you do for the rest of your life at an age when you can barely set your mind on an outfit for the day. However, unlike many, I was sure of joining the humanities stream to learn subjects that have always fascinated me. Day one of grade 11 and I realized that I had miles to go before I slept. But the subjects never let me sleep, as they continued to intrigue my thoughts on concepts ranging from Japan's re-establishment tragedy after tragedy, or why population explosion was so prevalent and destructive, or why the ancient Indian Harappan civilization having trade links across the world was so important. I studied Political Science, History, Sociology, Psychology and English Core in grades 11 and 12. I was the stream topper for Humanities and subject topper in three out of five subjects in grade 11.

When I attended my first ever Model United Nations, I was introduced to the fascinating world of diplomacy and international relations. There was no stopping, I represented nations such as Finland to North Korea and even the United Kingdom in the various MUNs that I attended. I also got the opportunity to chair two MUNs in the short span of 2 years. My plan to study at an international university stems from my desire to be a truly global citizen, in addition to being raised in two countries. I believe that pursuing my higher education at an international university will add a lot of value to my aspirations. I am confident that being well-versed in three Indian languages and two UN official languages will definitely add to my experience at university and my future career as a diplomat.

Although over-used, I cannot hold back from mentioning the region where I spent 14 out of 18 years of my life. I grew up in the United Arab Emirates, a place known for its extravagant skylines and a never-ending list of Guinness World Records. Unlike many other middle eastern countries, the UAE is one of the most peaceful Arab nations, with a heterogeneous population. It is also a constitutional monarchy whose governance rivals the best of the best democracies. Working with the United Arab Emirates Women's Union Association has also helped me pursue my interests in women's rights and equality. Studying under the banner of GEMS which is an international education group has enabled me to completely utilize my potential. Last year, I was part of the Scholas Youth Citizenship Programme by the Varkey Foundation, which brought together students of over 150 nationalities and Generation Global Conference by the Tony Blair Faith Foundation. While my main interests do come off as based in academia, I am an ardent debater, public speaker, and photographer and have represented my school at various debates and am the photography head of my school's media team. I have also been involved in charity work such as sourcing relief funds for people in Nepal and Somalia. I also take an active part in environmental activities.

I strongly believe that studying international relations at the university will help me grow as a global citizen and provide me with skills that will prove critical in my future career.

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writing this was the hardest task ever, I feel it serves the purpose. however, it is definitely quite controversial.


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