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I find international affairs preoccupying. The political, social and economic dilemmas facing society are as complex as they are interesting. Doing work experience at the Council of the European Union (EU) has reinforced my ambition to work in Politics and International Relations.

Attending meetings on global security matters such as the Middle-East conflict and the crisis in Ukraine, as well as others on the post-2015 Millennium Development Goals, enhanced my awareness of issues of international concern and the efforts made by governments and international actors to resolve them.

From domestic to foreign policy, human rights to terrorism, climate change to immigration, all aspect of Politics and International Relations intrigue me and I am eager to learn more. Growing up in Brussels and educated at the European School of Brussels II, my education has been culturally and academically diverse.

I am fluent in French and Italian in addition to English. Incorporating study abroad into my university course would allow me to keep up my foreign languages and discover first-hand the culture and politics of another country.

As part of my core subjects, Geography and Economics, I have greatly enjoyed exploring a range of topics such as globalisation and sustainable development, as well as carrying out research and analysis on the rise of legal and illegal immigration in the EU.

Studying theories of political economy and political philosophy, such as Social Contract Theory, have exposed the difficulties of matching theories to reality. I am industrious and highly motivated and find myself always seeking to improve my knowledge and skills.

My work experience this summer at the Council of the EU (in the Development Unit of the Foreign Affairs Council) was an invaluable opportunity which gave me an insight into the workings of one of the main decision-making bodies of the EU.

Attending an Italian language course in Italy alongside professionals and immersing myself in the culture helped to enhance my communication skills, increase my confidence, become more independent as well as improve my Italian.

Last year, I led a 'Young Enterprise' project entitled "Retro Electro" which involved the production of recycled, handmade accessories to enhance awareness of ecology and raise funds for Greenpeace.

Our group was awarded "Sustainable Development" and "Young-entrepreneur" certificates, and I obtained the "Entrepreneurial Skills Pass" for passing an exam based on problem-solving and economic reasoning.

As project-leader, I had to oversee and manage the business which developed my leadership and organisational skills. I am currently part of an ecological project, working with Michael Wadleigh (Oscar winner and spokesman for the IPCC), which, although it has gained the support of Mr Barroso, has clearly highlighted the difficulties in tackling climate change from a political perspective.

I am also part of my school's Amnesty International group which raises funds to promote awareness of human rights issues. In addition, I am applying to take part in the Model European Parliament experience in order to develop my debating skills.

I was part of the "Animation" team, a dance group which also organises entertainment for our school's annual charity event. Sport such as dancing, swimming and cycling as part of my daily routine is important to me as it not only relaxes me but teaches me time-management and discipline.

I am eager to study Politics and International relations as it encompasses the social-scientific subjects for which I have developed great interest and passion. I find it a fascinating area which would open up a number of potential career paths.

My ultimate ambition is to work for an International Organisation such as the United Nations, an EU institution or an NGO. Gaining an in-depth understanding and the necessary specialist knowledge would give me the opportunity to contribute in an area which I consider compelling and rewarding.

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