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I have been ambitious in studying International Studies since when I was in secondary school. I have been fascinated by the constantly changing world that we live in, wanting to understand and exploring the causes and effects of current and future human interactions. The course will give me concrete intelligence in all matters as it deals with issues like sovereignty, environmentalism, development and human rights in the context of global affairs and is also concerned with the policies of individual states as far as they impact on the affairs of other states.

My desire to the course had been linked to my activities since I was in secondary school. The year 2008 marked the date of my practical history when I travelled to Italy with my other class mates as a school tour. We travelled to Rome, Venice, Jesolo and Padova. One of exciting thing was when we visited Pope Benedict XVI. in Vatican. I have seen how he is respected as I met different people from every part of the world. I have learnt through religious perspective point that people from different nationals can be unified regardless their races and ethnics.

In 2010, I travelled to Dar es Salaam, the capital city of Tanzania, where I visited various local areas such as Kunduchi, Kivukoni, Magomeni, Posta and the area famous as Hyena Square which is the most dangerous, scariest and saddest part of the city. I saw how young people addicted to drugs and unsafe sex that stimulate highly to the spread of STD's, especially AIDS. The tour taught me how Non Government Organisations (NGOs) are so important in third world countries to provide free education to young peoples in unexpected pregnancies and safer sexual lifes.

It is my entire ambition that studying International Studies will give me the knowledge to be able to launch NGO which will aim to improve the circumstances and the prospects of people and to act on concerns and issues detrimental to the well-being, circumstances, or prospects of people or society as a whole.

However, studying Media Design become my second option. In the present-day world which is becoming increasingly integrated and whose mass communication is experiencing unprecedented development, mass media is, to an important extent, shaping the way people perceive the world. Mass media is also producing an important effect on the way the world develops. My fascination with the media industry originates precisely from its vital importance to society and the possibility that it creates for me as an individual of society to fulfil my role in changing the world and contributing to social development. I came to develop this awareness through my continued involvement in extracurricular activities of student organizations. I hope that I can be instrumental to the process of social development through my involvement in media, which is often regarded as the lever and the conscience of society.

Working with Marks&Spencer has taught me the value of friendliness, open-mindedness, the value of punctuality and having a good sense of humour as well as how to communicate effectively at all levels.

I have a keen interest in sport and keeping fit, and play regularly tennis and football with my friends which help socializing myself. Furthermore, I like reading books and listening music.

I hope this presents to you a nice student, equipped with the skills necessary to succeed at university. I look forward to being introduced to new academic and social challenges

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This personal statement was written by szandi1990 for application in 2012.

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nice statement, but -

you're applying for 2012, aren't you? how can you already have received all these offers?

applied for 2011

I have applied for 2011! And i am enjoying my hard first year at university! :)

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