Politics & International Relations Personal Statement Example 6

Throughout the majority of my life I have enjoyed studying the constantly shifting political climate of the world. In particular, I have been fascinated in the work undertaken by non-governmental organisations and of the various political approaches that countries around the globe embark upon.

My career ambition after university is to report on these interests for international media corporations and become a newspaper editor. Therefore, university life would greatly help me gain the skills required in order to achieve this challenging but rewarding aspiration.

My flair for politics was displayed when I participated in BBC Scotland’s “Big Debate Live” radio show for the upcoming 2010 UK General Elections and, more recently, through cooperating with my local MP over the controversial topic of the voting age. These activities have helped me gain a wider knowledge on arising political issues. Additionally, I attained the ability to empathise with and differentiate between the policies of different political parties through canvassing.

My aptitude in English was determined when my persuasive essay on animal testing was printed in Breadalbane Academy’s published book, extending my confidence in my writing skills. Likewise, in being the secretary for Breadalbane’s Charities Committee, I acquired the skill of note taking at a rapid pace, a deeper understanding of the world’s hardships and the ability to listen, understand and negotiate with other people’s points of view.

Moreover, I believe that it is vital to have good communication and social skills to really excel at university. I gained these characteristics through my part time job as a waitress at Pitlochry Festival Theatre, especially when having to deal with sometimes challenging members of the public. I then enhanced these strengths further through working with adults who have learning disabilities for work experience.

This involved helping them with day to day activities such as household chores. Also, I helped to mentor a children‘s acting class in Pitlochry Festival Theatre, supporting the young actors in building their confidence up to be able to perform on a stage. By taking part in these activities, I gained the ability of interacting with a wide range of people who all have various personalities and backgrounds.

Along with these attainments, I have engaged in various other extra curricular activities, including being the lead tip drummer of a pipe band, where I gained the confidence to be a good, capable leader whilst working as part of a team, and also the ability to manage my time.

Similarly, my volunteering work as an actress at Pitlochry Festival Theatre extended this confidence and aided me towards being able to perform in front of a large audience. Furthermore, being selected as a prefect at Breadalbane Academy has helped me become a better communicator and a more friendly and approachable member of a team, much like my involvement with a group called Asian studies.

This included learning Mandarin and Japanese languages and traditions, improving my knowledge and awareness of other cultures around the world. Finally, my duties as photographer for school events encouraged me to be an enthusiastic individual.

Ultimately, If I am chosen to study at university I hope to be an active member of many social activities, such as debating and charity fundraising. I also hope to extend my cultural knowledge, my English ability and acquire new skills and hobbies. Lastly, I would like to graduate from university with greater knowledge and determination on how to achieve becoming a unique and individual influence of the political media.

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