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My interest in Politics first came about during the June 2016 referendum, specifically how a country and even members of the same political parties could be so divided. After this monumental event in British political history I began to follow British and International politics actively.

What interests me greatly about the subject is that everything in the world has a dependency on politics, from trade to technology to finance and social aspects. International Relations will allow me to expand my political knowledge and learn more about politics overseas.

The Human rights and global challenges of politics is an area which I concern myself with the most. The fact that we live in a world where there are so many inequalities which are increasing and becoming more obvious when we should now be at a stage whereby the gap between inequalities has decreased, the changes that I could one day make to these have pushed me towards studying politics and international relations.

English literature has helped me gain both spoken and written language skills, from this I am able to come to a conclusive judgement after carefully scrutinising varying points of view. English has also enabled me to perform well in debating exercises and communicate eloquently with others, a necessary skill for a political career.

Economics is a subject I believe to be very beneficial to a politics degree, with economics I have learnt about the financial side of the government and how different governments generate and spend money with the driving force behind the government being economics. History is determined by political events and government influences.

The study of communist Russia and its political leaders which influenced political regimes throughout the years is a topic that interested me greatly, how each leader could be so different from one another yet share the same ideology.

Within this topic I was really intrigued by the reign of terror unleashed on Russia by Stalin, how power hungry he was as a leader and how people lived in fear of his next move. Our study of the GDR led me to do some wider reading on the topic, I read the book Stasiland to gain an insight on what life was really like for those living in the east at the time, the tale of Frau Paul touched me, how a woman who had no political agenda could go through so much despair all because she wanted her natural human right to be with her newborn son.

I was given the opportunity to meet Harry Spiro, a holocaust survivor, Harry’s story of his experience with the holocaust was moving and gave me a personal insight in too one of the most famous and important human rights concerns in history.

I was fortunate enough to meet our local MP Bim Afolami, we witnessed a political debate between him and other members of our student body and then took part in a question and answer session. Bim’s political voice in a debate scenario inspired me and made me more intrigued about politics.

In my final year of school I have been House Captain, I have had to be very organised so that I can efficiently run activities and charity events for my house and the wider community. Being House Captain has also meant that I have had to be a role model and learn to communicate with both younger and older members of the school community.

I am a very well rounded person taking part in both academic, musical and sporting activities over the years. I have competed at county level for my local swimming club and my school something I would like to resume whilst at university, swimming is a sport which has required me to show great levels of commitment, which is necessary for the demands of a degree.

Having a job has given me greater independence and time management skills as I have had to balance different aspects of my life. I am a determined, proactive, social and highly motivated individual who is fascinated with politics and international relations and excited to start my studies of the course at university.

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