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The relevance of the study of international relations has never been clearer than now. With all that is happening around the world, from the Eurozone economic crisis, to the political unrest in the Middle East and even the war against drug that my native Mexico is facing, it seems that the only way forward is through effective international cooperation. Ever since my early teenage years, I’ve been interested in keeping up with current affairs and trying to understand the rapid changes going on in the world around me. I am especially interested in Latin America and with a degree in International Relations I hope to obtain a role in an international organization that focuses on the humanitarian development of countries in this region.

While considering myself completely Mexican, my view of the world and way of thinking have been greatly influenced first by my Spanish and Scottish heritage and then by the four years spent living in the United States with my family. Growing up in my country’s difficult political climate, I could not fail to notice how much this subject permeates, whether for good or bad, into every aspect of life in society. Also, by being exposed to different cultures and having had the privilege of travelling to over 20 countries so far, I am no stranger to the increasing effects of globalization and how important it is for any government to address global issues, as well as local ones. With my school, I attended volunteer programs in the poorer states in Mexico where we came into contact with indigenous communities.

Seeing their still very traditional way of life, seemingly untouched by the rest of the western world and yet fighting for survival, I realized the significance of the humanitarian efforts made my many international and national organizations in order to help them. The yearning to play an active part in my society is the main reason for my pursue of a third level education, and while at first I wanted to go about this with a future in the media industry, the current year I have spent at Goldsmiths College has led me to discover otherwise. I am studying my foundation year for a BA in Media and Communications, and while researching for an essay on Antonio Gramsci’s theory of hegemony; I came across the book Introduction to International Relations by Jill Steans and Lloyd Pettiford. I started reading it and became absorbed immediately, consolidating my choice of reapplying to university and changing the course I go into next year. Also, I’ve been exposed to a new academic system that I find very engaging and had the enormously enriching experience that is life as a student in one of the most cosmopolitan cities in the world.

Both in my class here and back in school in Mexico City, I’ve volunteered as class representative in order to practice leadership and take advantages of my ability as a mediator. Languages are a keen interest of mine and as well as being fluent in Spanish and English, I have been studying French for the last year and am now at an intermediate level.

As for hobbies, art is a very important part of my life, as I find great pleasure in both its appreciation and experimenting with its different forms. I am an avid fan of film and photography and have loved painting since childhood. With sports, variety is key. Tennis and football have been the main sports in my life, but I am currently a member of the Badminton and Dance clubs at Goldsmiths. I enormously enjoy the social aspect of attending university and I have also joined the Film Club and the Amnesty International Society as well.

The foundation year I am completing and the wide range of subjects I studied for my Mexican Bachillerato have prepared me well for studying a university degree and I believe I have the motivation and enthusiasm sufficient to contribute positively to the institution I will attend. Given the opportunity, I will make sure to make the most of it.

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