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Throughout school and college I have always been fascinated with Politics and International Relations. I am a keen listener and interpreter, and believe these skills will be best suited in my chosen vocation. I have obtained a national certificate in law, in which I studied Government and central Government. Currently I am studying a Higher National Certificate in Law.

My eventual aim is to embark upon a career in politics or in political journalism, where one day I opt for a position in the Member of Parliament, civil servant, or local councillor for my community.

My decision to study Politics and International Relations has been amplified by shadowing my local councillor Charles Farquhar on a number of projects and participating in numerous meetings. Alongside visiting the Scottish Parliament, I have met many MSP's and the first member Alex Salmond. Visiting Westminster has given me first hand insight into the way in which British politics operates, particularly the relationship between the two Houses.

In 2003 I was a member of the Pakistan Society in Dundee, by being a member I had the role of organising events for kids, such as trips to parks, and functions for special days. For this I had to be focused and organised, as I had responsibility of looking after the kids, while at the same time making sure the event was going successful.

My personal interests include playing and coaching football as well as cycling, swimming and weight lifting. Participating in these sports is not only physically rewarding but has greatly improved my ability to work within a team and on occasion showcase my leadership skills. I also have an interest in reading books, I have recently just read the book A Thousand Splendid Suns by Khalid Husseini, I like to view the celebrity book clubs such as Richard and Judy, and then decide from there which books to read

As a result of my education and range of work experience I feel that I have developed the skills necessary to meet the demanding nature of my course. I believe that I have the intellectual curiosity and skills required to accomplish honours at university and am confident that I shall put as much into the course as I take from it.


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Its a little dull.

Its a little dull.

I think If you've applied for

I think If you've applied for an undergraduate degree you'll be okay, good effort in my opinion.


As I have expected, the writer blurted out..!!

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