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Living in a region filled with cultural diversity since the time I was born and raised here, as in Qatar, did give me a lot of exposure to experience this form of diversity at first-hand. To be able to learn other people’s views about the world in general or the working of different forms of systems have always been an exciting experience for me.

The fact being how the systems work and cooperate so efficiently together and even form competitive and dangerous situations, be it the governments of different countries or simply organizations have always piqued my interests and left me curious at various occasions.

I have always been an avid news reader, simply because the way how the world works have always been interesting to me. More importantly, the people behind the various outcomes be it the laws, regulations, corrupt actions etc. make what is called the wheels of ongoing and developing political activities.

Politics is multifaceted and it cannot be defined or narrowed down to some or few basic points. To be able to understand it, the bigger picture should be looked at and observed to get a better understanding and grasp the roots of it.

Even during my junior high school years, Social Science had always been one of my favorite subjects compromising History, Civics, Geography, and Economics. I didn’t just learn this subject for the sake of learning, but with a quite an unusual passion that I didn’t realize that I had until I didn’t have the option of taking this subject up in my senior high school.

To learn about my own country’s freedom movements against the British led by Mahatma Gandhi was just one of the best things I remember learning.

Along with that, the French Revolution is also something I would also like to give credit to for being a good learning experience. To learn about the actions of the world famous leaders is always amazing. But, also the contributions of the group of people behind these leaders as well as governments shouldn’t go unnoticed.

Even though corruption is rising day by day, hope shouldn’t be given up on people who support values of justice, truth and honest integrity.

I believe, as a person, I myself hold these values pretty close to myself and believe in advocating these. In an era of disruption, it is quite possible to consider politics as a mere act of selfishness and dishonesty, a world ridden with corruption and money grabbing business.

Yet, it doesn’t faze me to consider politics as something bad, because it all depends upon one’s perception. As well as, the fact that the countries cannot function on itself and requires allies have shown that politics can never just be eradicated, it is the underlying force for the functioning of powerful systems and that cooperation is one of the main ingredients for the successful functioning of them, teaching me the importance of it.

In addition, being a sports person, I learned the values of teamwork and trust, something that is quite required for a political party or a government to work. Along with that, attending the THIMUN conference as the delegate of Slovenia in GA1 Committee gave me a first-hand experience of what it takes to propose well-formulated solutions or resolutions to some of the grave issues in the world.

Through your esteemed University, I believe I would get the chance to explore about International affairs and gain insights in the way how people run their governments, their underlying motives, of how cooperation is carried out and negotiations are made. My passion for learning these and much more extends beyond just academic aspects, for I have never looked at it that way.

Also, coming from the biggest democratic country in the world, India, has given me a lot of insight of the politics that circulates my country having various political parties and people’s choices, views and opinions about them. By submerging myself in a field such as this, I believe I would quite enjoy it since the joy of learning about it has always been there within myself.

I believe that I have done what I could do my best to portray my passion and love to take up this field and embrace it by mentioning it all in this personal statement of mine. So I hope I will be the given the blessed opportunity of engaging myself in such a field and gain the best out of it and staying true to my passion.

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I believe I have tried to portray my feelings towards politics and international affairs as well as why I would like to pursue my studies in this field. Please state your opinions and rate my personal statement so that I may get a better understanding of where I may need to improve. Thanks and I hope this helps as well.


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