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I have always known that my career path would be related to humanities. Out of the subjects I studied at school, Romanian literature, history and foreign languages have particularly appealed to me. However, I chose to study sciences too, aware of their contribution to the development of my intellectual abilities.

The study of chemistry and physics has greatly enhanced my analytical skills while the intensive study of mathematics has shown me how to use logic and argument to construct my opinions. Thus I managed to approach academic challenges in an interdisciplinary way.

Local, regional and national competitions, both in Romanian and in English, have provided me with valuable opportunities to develop my writing skills and argue my stance on essential social matters while also gaining an insight into world literature.

Contests have brought me the recognition of not only my teachers but also that of the Romanian Ministry of Education and the reputed Mittal Steel Concern, which awarded me the Diploma of Excellence. After a string of positive results during the first two years, I decided to step up to another level and be part of the best class in my high school, focusing on mathematics and computer science.

Yet life is not just a bowl of cherries. Failing to qualify once again for the national stage of the English Olympiad taught me that success was not to be taken for granted. I nevertheless stood up and continued working hard for the Cambridge Proficiency Examination, IELTS and SAT I. When I reaped the rewards of those challenges, I had learned success tastes sweeter when we know what failure is like.

I then began to envisage my future with more maturity and, as I grew more aware of current affairs and became more interested in the political and judicial systems, I pursued extracurricular activities that would prepare me for my future career. The Model United Nations conferences organised by my high school were a means to develop self-confidence and gain experience in supporting my ideas publicly while being able to take on feedback.

I have thus learned to build articulate speeches and lobby for my opinions. Later on, I took the challenge of proving my mettle in an international environment and participated in such conferences in Bucharest or Izmir, which built up my leadership and debating skills. I trust that such experiences will help me become a successful professional as they have shown me the value of teamwork and thorough research.

As a result of my permanent concern with the issues of my community, I volunteered for the charity organisation “Help the helpless” that deals with the problems of the underprivileged. While participating in projects involving the ecology of my area, I have also been interested in the educational process in my town as a volunteer at the local library and the “Lower Danube” Cultural Centre. My involvement in these problems has earned me the recognition by the town council and the unparalleled fulfillment of helping my fellow citizens.

Having been born in a country in a seemingly permanent state of transition, I have witnessed endless debates over citizens’ rights in situations demanding efficient action of the authorities. The plaguing corruption and the excessive red tape have decisively contributed to my decision to take a stand on the truly important matters and be among those leading my country on the path to normality.

In my opinion, that path starts with the political class and the judicial system and I truly believe I could make a positive mark. Following my undergraduate studies at The University of Groningen, a Master’s Degree focusing on diplomacy and international relations would be the most appropriate to complete my education so that my future contribution to the foreign affairs of my country would lead to an improvement of its image worldwide.

My decision to study in the UK stems from my profound admiration for its educational system. A British university is one of the ideal place for a motivated and ambitious student to complete courses conducive to a successful career. I want my life to be a statement, not an excuse and thus I believe such a career choice would enable me to fulfill my potential and make a difference in my domain.

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I have applied to and have been accepted to the University of Aberdeen, to Law&European Legal Studies, and the University of Dundee - 2 degrees: English
Law/Geopolitics&International Relations.


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Very very cheesy. Well done!

Very very cheesy. Well done!

Great job champ! :)

Great job champ! :)

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