Politics & International Relations Personal Statement Example 4

From an early age I have had a keen interest in current affairs and how the influence of politics controls the world. My interest has significantly increased since the events of September 11th. Politics form an integral part of our society and I have always been intrigued as to the causes of such atrocities.

For me, one of the most interesting aspects of the subject is comparative politics, especially transatlantic relations between the United Kingdom and the United States because of the long history of alliances between these two countries.

Also, since studying Politics at A-level, I have drawn more comparisons between the British and the American political systems; it is my opinion that the UK has become more of a federal state since its involvement with the European Union.

I am looking forward to studying International Relations, particularly how relationships vary between countries, especially between the United States and European Union. I have travelled to the US on several occasions and during these trips I have visited such places as the museum of tolerance in Los Angeles and a slave Plantation in Louisiana.

These visits have increased my interest in the American political system and how political ideas vary dramatically depending upon the demography. Another example of this would be liberal New York in contrast to conservative southern states. I am also interested in studying how ideologies of different political parties have evolved.

Good analytical skills would be an essential requirement for this course. Also, it is crucial to be able to comprehend both views of an argument, key problem solving and methodical thinking. I believe that I have developed these skills.

Studying Psychology has complimented my interest in Politics as it has made me question my opinion on political affairs; I now realise that society will conform to the majority and how this could affect the leadership of Britain. This subject has also shown me that a person's behaviour changes in different situations which fascinate me when you are able to put theory into practice.

French increased my interest in global politics and my love for languages to the extent where I did my oral exam on the Presidential Elections of 2007 in which I included research of the two main political parties in France and some of the key issues which affected the result. One of my modules for A-level Mathematics was Statistics which is a key element when looking at political research.

Law is potentially a career move after university, therefore the work experience I gained shadowing a senior solicitor at Thompsons' in Nottingham allowed me to see at first hand how important their role is in the judicial system.

I am also interested in working abroad and therefore my previous work experience may possibly assist me in a future career working for an international body such as the European Parliament or the United Nations. Also, I have done voluntary fundraising work for a local domestic violence organisation and helped raise awareness.

It is important to enjoy life; I love experiencing new cultures as I believe it broadens one's horizons. I am very passionate about music and believe that many of the lyrics of current songs are a strong reflection of current society. An example of this would be lyrics from the song 'When the Sun Goes Down' by the Arctic Monkeys which refers to life on the margins of society.

I am eager to pursue academic life in higher education as I am a committed and dedicated student. My excellent attendance record shows that I have the good 'stickability' required to successfully complete my university course. Furthermore, I am excited to begin a new era of my life at university as I think it is an important step towards adult life. I look forward to the challenge of an academic course.

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