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Politics have always been a key interest of mine, especially due to the significant role it has played in my generation from Tony Blair's New Labour to Cameron's Social democracy ,my interest led to me doing it as an A Level course .I have joined the Labour party to help me understand their dramatic fall from grace in the last decade.

I am also interested in what they are trying to do to get back to the top of the tree of British politics. I volunteered to campaign with my local MP, due to the June 2017 Snap Election being called.

I decided to do so as my age meant I could not vote: as a result I thought the only way I could make a political impact was through indirect action in support of my party- persuading other people to vote. During the campaign, I learned that every person in a constituency has a voice to complain or raise concerns. I watched how my MP would take time to listen to the people, rather than just put a leaflet in the doors.

While canvassing, I learned that time management is extremely important as you have to tell constituents as much content as possible.

To further my understanding of Politics I extended my rapport of Neil Coyle office by gaining work experience with both the local office and the parliamentary office. During this experience, I had the opportunity watch parliamentary democracy in which watched debates,responded to constituents on policy issues.

Where in the local office I learned how MP resolve local issue that affect certain communities, I participated in the resolutions by responding to constituent emails.The experiences made me realise why I love politics, especially viewing the parliamentary debates in which I saw key political figures.

I have experience talking to a large crowd as I presented full school assembles (Year 7- Year 12), Year group assembles. I also participated in a school production of Romeo & Juliet (performed in Shakespearean English).

When presenting I like to ensure that the audience fully understands the points I'm making and the reasoning behind them. Therefore, I am cautious about explaining and reiterating my thoughts to ensure that the audience can fully understand what I am saying.

Additionally, the criminal mind has always interested me. There is aspect of Psychology interests me much more than others and so I chose not to study the subject at A level but rather became an autodidact. I find it astonishing how habits and background can influence someone's actions, though certain influential events could have taken place a long period ago.

This compliments my belief in how mental health is extremely important and how it should be seen as a top priority in organisations such as the NHS. This then links directly to Politics and policy.

Though living in inner city London means I see a small range of Global Politics, I would like to see it happen on an International scale from a neutral position.

Ultimately, thinking beyond university I would like to have a career in diplomacy. I always wanted a career in Politics, but I never wanted to go to the obvious route of becoming a Politician or National Politics as I believe that my personal belief and views can be compromised by Party Politics and by Party Whips.

I believe that diplomacy can allow me to make an impact on those who are in need of desperate help around the world. I mostly want to gain knowledge about the different sectors of the United Nations and how each department has a different role but still makes a difference in the world.

Most people who are my age don't know or understand the depth of the organisation: I would like to know more. A study visit would be a first-hand view of its international policy negotiations.

Generally, my experience of politics through study through independent reading and more practically through campaigning, has led me to the conclusion that I would be a highly engaged student of Politics and university.

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My work experience was one of the key concept in my personal statement ,as is shows my interest in the course as well as my independent. Don't be scared to talk about other subject , but relate it to Politics such as the skill you can use from it. The most important thing is to state why it is important to you as well as to society


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