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'If you want to understand today, you have to search yesterday.' - Pearl Buck. This quote illustrates my enthusiasm and interest in history; you can be enlightened of the events of the past, while furthering your understanding of the present. This degree will not only enable me to advance my knowledge but also improve my analytical and evaluative skills.

My enjoyment of history and international relations has been fostered substantially by education. Having an open minded attitude toward learning, I endeavoured to reflect this in my choice of subjects. World development has provided me with an entirely new insight into the world and how it operates. The Marxist theory, 'The Communist Manifesto' Karl Marx, outlines the causes of the inequalities present in society.

History has taught me how to discern that you cannot create future expectations without acknowledgement of the past. History has forged the path for the current political, economic, and social stature in every nation, influencing each individual decision made in international relations. The critical analysis of 'Martin Luther King' by Godfrey Hodgson was a particularly inspiring and insightful to me. It portrayed the struggle one must endeavour to create change and commence development.

World Development and History are such spectacular subjects as they're fluid, foreign to the concrete structure of maths or science; they can be disputed, probed and re-evaluated. They are sculpted by personal judgement; to Harry Johnston colonization was a vital benchmark in the creation of robust empires, yet to Karl Marx colonization saw the infliction of Western culture thus acculturation for millions. As an avid reader I'm widely read on various historical eras such as; The Ming dynasty, the Bolshevik revolution and the British Empire. In addition I subscribe to the BBC History Magazine and the New Internationalist which keeps me
enthralled, as well as informed, on contemporary issues with each month's releases.

Studying English literature has required me to advance my skills in interpreting. 'Dancing at Lughnasa' by Brian Friel involves contextual study of 1936 Ireland, the Catholic social pressures and political unrest between Irish and English relations. Religious studies and ethics has introduced me to current moral dilemmas, euthanasia and the case of Diana Pretty who fought the courts in pursuit of an assisted death, and provided me with the ability to debate and discuss them.

I am committed to maintaining a good level of fitness; badminton, the gym, and outdoor activities such as kayaking have been a superb source of friends. Weekly meetings with enthusiasts have given me a team and individual experience. Through a school trip to the scenic region of the Rhineland, Germany, I was able to develop my leadership skills in delegating and organising younger student activities. I take my democratic right to express my opinions very seriously prompting me to join the school council. I've recently raises 429 pounds for cancer research through assisting the organisation of a charity fete in my home village, its important you contribute to the community.

My zest for History and World Development, motivation, and optimistic outlook are integral qualities for providing a good foundation for successful undergraduate life. I guarantee I have the ability to undertake the challenges and opportunities of such disciplines at university.

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This personal statement was written by josh515 for application in 2010.

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Nottingham Trent University
University of The West of England, Bristol
University of Brighton
University of Greenwich
The Manchester Metropolitan University

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I think this personal statement is relatively well done, for my abilities anyway, ive listed the uni's im applying for and whether they've offered me or not below:

UWE Bristol - offer made
Nottingham trent - offer made
Manchester met - offer made
Brighton - interview invite
Greenwich - offer made


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liked it, I'm applying to

liked it, I'm applying to very similar universities. Can tell you were pleased putting it up here

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