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When I was younger, I remember listening to stories about what my grandparents endured during the Second World War. In Japan, my grandmother suffered famine, crime and the bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Meanwhile, both of my grandfathers fought bravely as soldiers, enemies against one another, yet equal in the sense that they were both patriots for their country. Ever since my grandfathers passed away, they have taught me that the end of one’s life does not necessarily lead to the end of one’s story or legacy.

History is a subject that enriches as each significant chain of events certainly defines the way one perceives the past and how it can fundamentally structure our present and future. Being given the chance to unravel the truth from what our ancestors have left behind and perhaps changing the lives of future generations to come will most certainly further my devotion and commitment for history.

Growing up, reading has always been a fervent interest that I have sustained over many years. After encountering books such as Anna Karenina by Leo Tolstoy, I soon realised that I was able to delve into someone else’s world and discover how they used to live, what events were occurring at the time and how society was constructed during those time periods. In particular, The Diary of Anne Frank allowed me to envision what life was like in Nazi Germany as a Jew, and being able to visit the annexe that Anne Frank had resided in for many years spurred an overwhelming excitement at being in such close proximity to history.

European history and the Renaissance in particular fascinate me. As such I have embarked on many tours to visit historical sites across Europe. Recently, a tour to Versailles inspired me to read a biography on Marie Antoinette by Antonia Fraser. This interest has been solidified through watching documentaries and films on The French Revolution, as well as reading historical literature and biographies in my spare time. Additionally, I am also educating myself in Japanese and French, a language that I aim to become fluent in, as it will benefit my understanding within European history and in particular my enthusiasm for French history.

Furthermore, my interest in music has led me to play the piano and acoustic guitar entirely through independent learning. Not only has this allowed me to challenge myself, but I have also gained the motivation and independence needed to benefit fully from self-education and thus express myself - skills which will be vital for my degree choices. Moreover, my involvement in figure skating from a young age, where I competed at international level, has allowed me to remain committed and constantly striving towards a goal. After several years of playing for my school's netball team, I understand the importance of working effectively in a team. My volunteering at a summer camp and my school’s English department, as well as my community service at a primary school, has given me the ability to explain things succinctly and thoroughly in order to support younger students.

Despite the challenges that History offers as a degree, I believe that my self-reliance, dedication and constant efforts to improve myself will enable me to pursue my passion for knowledge that History gives.

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