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Quite simply, I wish to study History because I have an increasing fascination with the past. This has stemmed from a childhood love of films and books set in the 'olden days'. Since then I have only become more interested and excited by the past and it is the immense impact that it has on society today that warrants my desire to pursue History degree.

Through History A-level I have studied a wide range of controversial topics such as the US civil rights movement and the partition of India, which have allowed me to question past events and construct my own argument accordingly. Visiting places such as Ellis Island and on a smaller scale my local town museum, have showed me that history is not just to be kept in books but is in fact something to experience and relish. I have a particular enthusiasm for US history which I have developed both inside the curriculum and outside through books, documentaries and visits.

The 1998 documentary 'Walking in Mississippi' perfectly displays the impact of USA's history on today's literature, politics and media and shows how previous attitudes can so easily reignite. I am captivated by the immense changes that have occurred in the country in such a small period of time and how the history of America continues to have such a large impact on the modern world. The unique attitudes and cultures represented by the US create a History with great depth and richness, which I find compelling by its contrast to other countries. The political side to history has recently caught my interest and since studying Stalin's Russia is something I find most intriguing and hope to pursue further at degree level.

The subjects I am studying at A-level have further enhanced my desire to study history at a higher level. Studying English Language and Literature has taught me how to articulate my thoughts and opinions on different theories and texts both verbally and in my writing. Studying Peter Carey's 'True History of the Kelly Gang' has also had a huge impact on my historical interests. It inspired my decision to undertake the extended project qualification and write a dissertation questioning the significance of events leading up to Irish independence. The EPQ has enabled me to develop crucial time management, research and writing skills, all of which I see as imperative when studying history at university.

Through business studies I have learnt how to construct a coherent argument and to look at facts and figures to incorporate in to my essay writing. It has also challenged me to consider other opinions to compare with my own and successfully support my argument.

Alongside my studies, I have worked as a part time sales assistant at John Lewis for the last 2 years where I have learnt valuable communication skills, to compose myself under pressure and to adapt to change. Rowing for a Cambridge club has not only kept my body healthy and active, but also taught me how to be a key member of a team and how to deal with the setbacks that inevitably come with learning a new skill.

I have been fortunate enough to work with disabled children as a sport volunteer, which has been an invaluable experience that has shown me the significance of responsibility and patience in everything I do. These hobbies and commitments have provided me with the ability to manage my time efficiently, to participate in both team and individual activities and to grow as a person. This skill set is not only paramount in order to succeed in my chosen subject, but will also stand me well in being an active member of the university community.

After completing my History course I plan to continue to study the subject at a higher degree level, thus enabling me to enter the world of work with a wider range of opportunities available to me. I am eager to start as a university student and look forward to the new opportunities and challenges that this will bring.

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