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History and Law are critical to thedevelopment of society. The idea that the same mistakes will be repeated unless we learn to adapt and change, underlines the meaning of both subjects. As a civilisation we must find out where we came from and how we can and have changed.

To accomplish this we must accept that it will take years to uncover the real past as current evidence and theories, although always developing, are often limited. A joint honours course will therefore widen the opportunities and resources available to me while allowing the expansion of my knowledge.

My interest in History started while hearing about the legendary battles fought against the French. This fuelled my imagination, creating the need for more knowledge and understanding on the subject. Law as a subject began from my research into history and everyday life through the news.

History has helped develop my thinking skills and allowed me to put forward thoughts and arguments which would quite often be controversial. Law has allowed me to see the connections in life with the establishments of law and society. A look at how it was sometimes the cause and resolution for historical issues usually regarding taxation.

In April 2006 I went to Oxford Brooks University to a day of prelaw lectures and seminars held by barristers and solicitors. This enabled me to gain extra insight into the legal world and understand where this subject could potentionally lead. This experience gave me great insight into the subject and helped confirm the subject of law as part of a degree choice.

I visited the local magistrate's court and crown court as an observer to gain extra experience in the court activities. I was able to see the inner workings of the court system and relate them to my theoretical studies and received advice from solicitors and barristers who were willing to offer advice on the degree choice.

My work experience was at County Court where I dealt with different aspects of the court structure, including helping process legal documentation, attending sessions with bailiffs and observing corporate court cases.
During July 2006 I took part in Challenge of Industry held at the school where I benefited from the advice of business people, in aspects of presentations, design and planning.

As part of this session I used my accounting skills to help produce a winning design, as well as learning how to progress through a business meeting, where individual points had to be put forward while considering others.

In my spare time I play golf which I have been playing for several years and am working on my handicap! I distance swim for leisure and play self taught guitar. In this last year I took up fly fishing which has taken me across the country visiting different lakes and visiting many varying enjoyable locations.

In the summer of 2005 I took part as a volunteer helper for a Bradford University study on Reminiscent Therapy where I took part in sessions and helped interact with the volunteers. I felt that this was a worthwhile experience as it helped give me an insight into a varying array of people's lives from different aspects.

This choice of degree will allow me to take opportunities which have never been available to me before. For example the ability to combine two subjects which I have had an interest in for many years with the advantage of being able to study a much wider variety of topics.

This will help enable me to understand how the world is in its current situation. This will be achieved not only through academic studies but through the experience of university life and its accompanying aspects.

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This personal statement was written by taras3189 for application in 2007.

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This was one of the hardest things to do, personally i waffle alot, which made this all the harder. Trying to fulfil the 47 lines with two subjects was difficult, but after months of trying i finally did it, and here is the prove, at clearly it must have done something right, as i go 5 out of 6 offers.


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