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Throughout my life, through reading and the mass media, I have developed the inquisitive mind for researching areas of interest within historical subjects. The universally artistic and philosophical crusade, which is the era of Romanticism, has been one of the focal areas of interest for me. I am still exploring and determining my view whether Robert Burns initiated this uprising in 1785 as his works do establish that a revolution had taken place in literary expression and political thought at this point, or whether it began in 1798 in the year of the first edition of Lyrical Ballads by Wordsworth and Coleridge. Nevertheless, this period that reformed the fundamental ways in which people in Western cultures thought about themselves and their domain captivates me. The influence and knowledge that we as people have obtained from past eras from those of; violence and war contained in the Medieval times (with The Museum of London providing me with a fantastic insight into the domestic life of the people who lived in this age), to Martin Luther’s demand for reformation, to the mass genocide within the Holocaust, all hold a substantial amount of information and influence that we have engaged and educated ourselves from. Not to mention the masses of information that is still buried in these timelines for us to acquire, and this degree will provide me with the opportunity to explore these eras further.
For the past three years I have worked for Flair event staffing, travelling with the company across the UK and providing them with hospitality and communication skills. My role in the company required a substantial amount of energy (often working 14 hours shifts) along with organisation skills and working independently on my own initiative. These qualities were essential in keeping me motivated through a fast paced environment while often dealing with unpleasant and challenging situations. I have learnt through practice and my experience with Flair how to effectively communicate with people of different ages, gender and ethnic backgrounds. Helping me to further enhance these qualities I studied a BTEC level two in Health and social care of which I received the grade of a Distinction Star and then progressed onto the Access course into Public Sector Professions which I am currently studying. The course consists of modules in the following subject areas; History (covering aspects of Mediaeval Britain, historical methods and enquiry and the Renaissance period), English (elements involving wider reading and the study of Shakespeare) and Psychology (units including social influence and interpersonal relationships) but to name a few.
I am an avid reader of challenging texts, delving into works by the revolutionary aristocrat Marquis De Sade. Reading such controversial and philosophical texts has broadened my level of thought and the ability to challenge and question the ethics behind political movements throughout history up until this very day. Over the past year I have been conducting my own research into The Renaissance period and The Medici family’s’ contribution in funding this artistic revolution. I also enjoy involving myself in anything creative, from writing poetry and short stories to scrapbook designing and photography. I’m mainly influenced by William Blake and Greek philosopher Plato, and I regularly take part in open mic nights around Manchester, reciting my own works.
Deciding to return to education to study within my most governing passion has filled me with excitement and determination to gain as much as I can from this degree. My aim of which, is to teach history and being given the opportunity to begin to build a career from this passion, and satisfy my need for knowledge, is invaluable.

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This personal statement was written by Danielle J Maria for application in 2012.

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Northumbria University
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University of The West of England, Bristol
University of Newcastle Upon Tyne
The University of Edinburgh

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