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Opinions, ideas and knowledge of history are influenced and shaped through heritage and archaeological sites, museums, buildings, and remains. Therefore, to have the ability to define heritage is crucial to ensure our capability to interpret our great past. The establishment of prominent sites, such as Stonehenge, Grimes Graves and Blenheim Palace, demonstrate the importance of museums and heritage management to maintain a national and international interest in our past.

My initial curiosity of heritage developed early in childhood along with my continuous enthusiasm and excitement for our extensive history. My ambition to work within the heritage sector was further fuelled by a period of work experience I undertook at the Norwich Castle Museum. There I enjoyed two weeks in the Education Department, which I still regard as one of my most interesting, motivating, and intriguing experiences so far. A visit as a young teenager to the remarkable well-preserved Warrick Castle added to my desire to work within our heritage system. Having lived in Norfolk all my life I have frequently been inspired by various discoveries and excavations, such as Seahenge in 1998, to take an active interest in our heritage. I am also arranging to volunteer at Dragon Hall in Norwich to commence in November this year.

Living history, archaeology and conservation, and management of heritage sites and artefacts evokes specific interest in me and a degree which offers academic study in an area that enthrals me is ideal as I firmly acknowledge my future exists within this sector. I have read loosely around the subject and found the series 'Issues in Heritage Management' published in association with English Heritage especially insightful, particularly the titled 'Managing Historic Sites and Buildings'. By reading such publications I have a firm understanding of the balance of aspirations of visitors against those responsible for the management of sites and of local residents to ensure our heritage is preserved and well maintained.

Currently I am studying towards an Access to Higher Education Award and I strongly believe that this preparation for University has provided me with a positive foundation for my future studies. Whilst working towards my GCSE's I found myself in a position where it was not possible to continue full-time education so found full-time employment conscious I would return to education in the future. Throughout my working career I have acquired a number of skills such as the ability to work part of a team and as an individual, time management, organisational and IT skills. As a mature student equipped with these skills I would be of a great benefit to several of the younger students, and would be able to present my determination to succeed.

Upon completion of the degree, equipped with the valuable skills to understand and identify the concepts of heritage, together with any work experience gained through various placements, will provide me with a constructive springboard to seek employment within the heritage sector or progress on to further postgraduate study. I look forward to studying history from an exciting and unique angle, together with developing my knowledge of heritage to enable us to conserve the finest aspects of our past.

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This personal statement was written by Sazle100 for application in 2007.

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It took me literally months to write my Personal Statement getting loads of feedback from people. I'm reaaly pleased with what I've got now and I wouldn't change anything - it sums me up pretty well.


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I really like this PS,

I really like this PS, straight to the point and not all me, me, me like some of the others. Nice one, well done.

This personal statement

This personal statement mentions the word 'heritage' too many times!

let down by poor English -

let down by poor English - lists with more than one 'and', (the best lists have three itmes followed by a contradiction), use of 'to' in the wrong place .....


spelling errors - warwick castle

this is good. The only

this is good. The only criticism i could really have is that i have read advice on sentence length in personal statements, and they've tended to advise not using too lengthy sentences. I've noticed that you do have a few long sentences.

Anywho, apart from that it's very good, much better than my attempt at a history personal statement.

how on earth do u think u r

how on earth do u think u r going to get into university wit out even beeing able 2 spel dat propleh

some of the sentences are

some of the sentences are kind of incoherent, especially the long ones in the conclusion... "Upon completion of the degree (...) will provide me with..." doesn't make sense

Has anyone else noticed that

Has anyone else noticed that warwick is spelt "warrick"..please dnt tell me u applied there cos thats just embarrasing.

i loved it!

i loved it!

A few grammar and punctuation

A few grammar and punctuation mistakes but aside from that well done!

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