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I have a keen sense of my own history, and that of my family, which I discovered could be traced from the Nazi camps of Theresienstadt and Auschwitz to an obscure convent in the Pyrenees. It was through this research that my interest in history was fuelled, leading me to become increasingly fascinated by this expansive and varied subject.

I appreciate history from personal and purely 'historical' angles, from the poetry of Wilfred Owen to texts by Richard Pipes or Dominic Lieven, writers who skilfully convey how events in history affected the common man. The Russian Revolution has particularly held my interest. Robert K Massie's 'Nicholas and Alexandra' is a personal favourite; and a text that plays a vital role in my A-Level personal study, encouraged by Massie's ability to portray the eminent figures in history as 'human beings', rather than names and dates alone. It is fascinating how although we can't use the past to predict our future, it inevitably influences our lives, our interpretations of the past in constant change due to our current circumstances. It is in part the varying nature of history that inspires me to study it further.

I long to understand the world and how it's governed, and am fervently interested in politics. I've come to realise how connected both history and politics are, through watching history evolve before our eyes in the form of modern warfare, or general elections. I enjoy my other subjects; Music and English Literature as individual disciplines, but the other stories and meanings which emerge when a piece of writing or music is explored in its historical and political context is what is so compelling, for instance the impacts of revolutions on writers such as Wordsworth, and the use of music by Wagner and Bruckner as Nazi Propaganda. Studying history has exposed me to a wide variety of topics. Being educated at the centre of British History, on the site of the Battle of Hastings is an inspiration to my studies. To know that my school stands on ground key to both the Norman Conquest and events of the Reformation, brings the subject to life for me, knowing that these events happened but 20 yards away, yet so long ago.

Out of school I'm involved with a youth panel of the BBC, discussing activities within the media for young people. I love to write, in all forms, and I have recently written an article on a Piers Morgan newspaper, which was later published in the 'Press Gazette'. Within the school I am both arts and sports columnist of the Abbey 'Herald', and have helped to start a creative writing club for all year groups. I co-run a small amateur film company, in which we write and film low-budget comedy shorts, one of which was short listed for the contest 'BBC Summer of Film, and another requested for a showing at a local arts cinema.

I'm heavily involved with music, and a member of both the Hastings and East Sussex Youth orchestras. I'm also a member of the school chamber choir, as well as the county youth choir, and have been lucky enough to tour with these groups to wonderful places such as Salzburg and Paris. The idea of working and travelling abroad appeals to me greatly, and would love the opportunity to do so at University. I've participated in two work placements, one with the BBC Philharmonic, and another with Glyndebourne Opera House. I love the theatre, and have played lead roles in productions inside and out of school. On a separate occasion; I was placed 2nd in a county public speaking contest for the school; debating now being an activity with which I'm eager to continue.

I'm a prefect and 'peer supporter', working closely with staff and students, in a counselling and disciplinary role. As a student who's eager to throw myself into many extra-curricular aspects of University, I always ensure that I perform to my academic best, and as someone who is fascinated by the past, with a genuine hunger to learn, I can't think of a course I'd enjoy more, or be better suited to.

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This personal statement was written by soph41190 for application in 2009.

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I re-drafted and re-drafted and (I think) this was the version I sent off. (I have about a million versions, I know I SENT the right one but whether THIS one is it I don't know haha...changes would only be grammatical at this stage methinks!)

Anyway, with this I applied to Oxford, LSE, Warwick, Leicester (OFFER OF BBB) (Bournemouth too but for another course)

Please don't copy, you'll be found out anyway, and be nice.


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i copyed and i bet i wont be

i copyed and i bet i wont be found out

Thats not a nice thing to say

Thats not a nice thing to say soph, i would give 'guest' credit for being resourceful - and resourceful people tend to achieve well in life. Also who wouldnt copy the part about ties with concentration camps for some sympathy votes.

I have found moreso that

I have found moreso that people who rely on their own gifts achieve more.

It's not a sympathy vote, it is evidence of my own personal history. How do you classify this as a sympathy vote?

Just got me an interview to Oxford :)

i copyed u and got an oxford

i copyed u and got an oxford interview aswell.... alright!

the people who copied are

the people who copied are lying.
universities have a system which check PS with previous one's if they are too similar they will get discredited

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