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I intend to continue the study of History at university. As a subject I have been interested in since childhood, I enjoy studying the past and how it has shaped our future. The study of History allows us to view the mistakes and successes of the past and employ them to the future. “History is a guide to navigation in perilous times. History is who we are and why we are the way we are”. (McCullough) History allows society to form an identity and to advance through learned tolerance and understanding.

Last year in AS History I studied he unification of Italy which was key in my understanding of history. It was fascinating to explore how Italy came together as one country from several states and to discuss whether Italy would have formed alone or whether in required to push from those such as Garibaldi or Cavour.

Having spent many years studying modern history and decided to take it upon myself to expand my knowledge into ancient history. Earlier this year I read a book called 'Cleopatra' by Lucy Hughes- Hallet. It was interesting to read about such a famous and influential woman of history from another woman's perspective. Often Cleopatra is portrayed as femme fatale- as in the portrait by John William Waterhouse or Shakespeare who said “other women cloy the appetites they feed: but she makes hungry, where most she satisfies”.

She is often seen by historians as a seductive, potentially poisonous temptress, however this is not necessarily how Hughes-Hallet interprets her; to her she is plainer, more ambitious and less cruel. I think it is difficult to separate fact from fiction when it comes to ancient history and especially in this case someone as constantly redesigned as Cleopatra.

History has taught me to make substantiated judgments and to interpret and analyse external material as well as my own opinions. I find History intriguing because it gives me the opportunity to study the development of human society over a long-term. My inquisitive mind has further contributed to my enthusiasm for the subject and I enjoy working independently. But all three of my subjects have honed my writing skills, to be able to select and organise knowledge and communicate it coherently and concisely. More specifically, Sociology has been helpful in discerning social trends, and understanding something of the human psyche; and English Literature allows me to study works, in context. All these skills will enable me to read History at university.

I enjoy visiting museums and monuments of history when I have the opportunity. I particularly love the trench experience at the Imperial War Museum and more ancient history- such as the ancient human occupation of Britain - at the National History Museum.

I work well within a team, but also have the necessary attributes to lead if I am called upon, demonstrated in my active participation in my school's Charities Committee for the past six years, organising various charity events throughout the school. My work as secretary of the Charities Committee allows me to represent the school in the community and has taught me management and organisation skills. In school I have also been a keen participant in the orchestra in which I am lead violinist in school and also play for the borough. I have been involved in several school plays either back stage, in the orchestra or as part of the cast. I have also been involved in numerous school sports teams, including the netball and athletics teams.

I am a naturally cheerful person who has a positive outlook on life, but with the maturity necessary for university, and as such, I feel that I am fully prepared for the academic step up to degree level. I greatly anticipating the opportunity not only to go to university, but specifically to read History as I know it will provide me with vital life skills, as well as giving me access to a potentially wide and varied career within the specialty.

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This personal statement was written by baize141 for application in 2008.

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Cardiff- accepted
Leicester- accepted
School of African and Oriential Studies- accepted
Nottingham- accepted, but given alternative course
Reading- accepted


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"I have been interested since

"I have been interested since childhood..." This is a common phrase that is used frequently and the admissions officer will expect this anyway so it is just wasting space. You should focus more on the quality, not the quantity. But congrats on your offers, that is great :)You must have written what they were looking for :)


may i ask what a level grades you got and especially in history?

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