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Although I have been an avid reader of a wide range of fiction since childhood I delved into literature on a new level when I began studying Access to Humanities.

My eyes were opened to poetry for the first time and I have gained an enormous appreciation for the works of Wilfred Owen, Tennyson and William H Davies and their differing styles. The way Owen portrayed the harsh reality of war and the consequences for his fellow comrades, based upon his own intense experiences as a soldier moved me deeply.

My Access to Humanities studies have cemented my fascination with English Literature and confirmed my decision to study English with History at university. Literature and History are inseparably connected.

I feel that my study of literature has emphasised my interest in the past as I find myself focusing on the period in which the authors wrote in as well as their lifestyles and possible literary influences.

I find Thomas Hardy's The Mayor of Casterbridge enthralling, not only because of the multi- dimensional characters within but also, as so much of the events which occur in the novel are related to my current studies of the Industrial Revolution and how the changes taking place in that period affected the lives of so many.

I recently visited the Museum of Welsh Life and enjoyed absorbing the atmosphere of the heritage site and learning about the people who existed in the periods displayed at the museum.

At present I am working at a local supermarket in which my main duties involve working on the checkout as part of a team, providing good customer service, including dealing with complaints and general queries which has honed my communication skills.

In my leisure time I enjoy reading a wide range of books from authors such as the Bronte sisters and Jane Austen, to modern writers such as Mark Haddon and Douglas Adams. I am also reading Eric Hobsbawm's Industry and Empire to aid me in my understanding of the Industrial Revolution and prepare for future study.

Much of my spare time is spent with my family and partner therefore I use effective time management to ensure deadlines are met with my studies.

Music is important to me and I regularly attend concerts with friends, including supporting local bands. Joining activity clubs such as rock climbing and yoga which I have always wanted to try out.

During my time at Coleg Morgannwg, I studied Health and Social Care for three years and then decided to enrol on a Foundation Biology course at Glamorgan University. However I felt I had made an enormous mistake in pursuing this career path and felt completely lost as to where to turn next. On taking a break from education to rethink my future, I have explored various career plans before deciding on teaching. I am certain that teaching is the profession for me, and look forward to inspiring young minds to be as passionate about literature as I am. On completing my degree I plan to apply to Cardiff University to gain a PGCE qualification.

I am dedicated to preparing for my future studies by extending my knowledge on a wide range of literature and eagerly look forward to studying the Nineteenth Century Literature modules in particular and delving deeper into the study of poetry.

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