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Prior to beginning Sixth Form, I had not considered sociology as a possible subject for studying at University, but I had decided early in year 12 that it was the subject that I definitely wanted to pursue.

Sociology has taught me to explore challenging situations in a systematic and sociological approach, like areas regarding the structure of society, pushing me to consider questions I had not thought of before.

Some of these musings have even made me question my own core beliefs on the formation of society and I feel excited about exploring various theorists and interpretations, especially the likes of Weber and Goffman.

The skills that the study of sociology has taught me have been many and invaluable; being able to analyse and understand difficult situations, and participating in various research tasks that have taught me to work independently. On the other hand, working in groups has given me balance, allowing me to adjust to teamwork.

Most of all, I believe sociology has taught me to remain objective on top of developing eloquent and relevant arguments, an ability that is extremely helpful to the budding HE student.

Studying history and English literature with sociology has also taught me these easily transferable skills, giving me the chance to experience university style learning through independent studying and reading for coursework. Having said that, they also allow me to view society through a more creative light.

They widened my passion for literature as well as creative writing; and instead of viewing them from the academically structured lessons taught in school, it's given me the chance to experiment and create my own worlds, my own fantasies and strengthen my imagination. I especially like to explore poetry and prose, with writers such as Carol Anne Duffy and Markus Zusack influencing me greatly.

Currently, I am involved in a lot of charity work, specifically for Interpal, with whom I have participated in various voluntary activities including bucket collections and participating in live charity appeals.

I've also gained work experience in an Asylum and Immigration Tribunal, shadowing a court clerk as well as sorting out various file work and attending courtrooms.

This was an enlightening experience, as I gained an insight into seeing how the system is run for granting visitors visas and passports, as well as looking in on bail hearings and disability hearings- access which is not readily granted to many people.

Working with Interpal has made me realise that I work well under pressure, and that I can be articulate when the need arises.

In regard to working in the tribunal, I recognised the importance of timekeeping as well as working to deadlines.

The most important skill I think that I took away from the experience was the need to remain professional at all times, as being under somewhat harrowing situations has made me comprehend the need for a professional veneer when called for.

Some people regard sociology as an unemployable degree, yet with the economic situation of the country, I believe it is more important than ever, opening up various pathways in the field of sociological research, an area of work I would like to make a significant contribution to after I have graduated.

In regard to creative writing, many people would see it as a waste of time, not helping or developing the economy of Britain, looking instead to the engineers, bankers and scientists to help us out of our hardship.

Yet without the great stories, poetry or films, how are we as a society able to inspire ourselves to look beyond what we face? I think we have become disenchanted, to regress into the rational, technological era we live in, unable to appreciate the beauty and mysticism of life.

Hopefully, with the skills I have developed and aim to acquire in university I can change that and make a noteworthy impact in both the creative and sociological worlds.

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