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Reading has been always been an escape for me and my love for it has developed throughout my life. I’m amazed by the way writers can create a captivating world and manipulate the reader’s emotions so effortlessly and effectively. My interest in how the written word can convey emotions transferred to the theatre, and I began studying drama at a young age. This has fuelled my desire to study English Literature and drama, enabling me to further my understanding of both subjects.

Studying English Literature has captivated me, teaching me to analyse and critique the world in ways I didn’t think of before, such as noting that the totalitarian, dystopian society in ‘The Handmaid’s Tale’ is eerily similar to the one that Donald Trump is creating, as well as the way women are controlled by the government to do their bidding, which relates to the acts the Taliban are committing. Women are completely oppressed in both societies, with their worth being diminished to that of a reproductive vessel, reverting society back to the Victorian age. This mirrors ‘Station Eleven’, a novel that questions how far society would go to keep humanity going.I find it both disturbing and fascinating that our world has so many similarities to the novels authors were dreaming up.

I have fuelled my interest in theatre both inside and outside of school, performing in several dance and drama performances. I successfully auditioned as the Wolf in a production of Little Red Riding Hood at the Arenberg Theatre two years ago, an incredible and eye-opening experience. I continue to be an active participant in as many drama productions as possible and will take part in the school production this year alongside my studies. These experiences developed a deeper love and understanding in me for the world that surrounds acting, showing me the community that develops whilst performing with other people.

My other subjects at A level have enabled me to see the world through a different lens, developing my view of humanity both on a political and personal spectrum. When studying history we focused on the Irish and American revolutions and the passion that the rebels had to change their life. Geography has allowed me to see the social impact of these decisions, and psychology gives me insight into why people make these choices. The combination of my subjects has let me explore the past and use it to shape my opinions about how the world is and how it can be changed for the better.

Outside of my studies, I help run the debate club at my school, learning how to articulate my opinions more eloquently. Listening to everyone’s views gives me a more rounded opinion and I often challenge myself by arguing against my own belief. I was a library prefect, helping organise events for readers of all ages. Volunteering has allowed me to give back to the community in which I live. On top of this, I visited the University of Kent for an English and Drama open day, spending a day listening to people talk about their love for theatre, and learning to interpret texts in a more complex manner.

Living abroad has furthered my understanding of the world and enabled me to see society through other people’s eyes. Whilst living in Antwerp I saw many plays, and it was fascinating to see how another country interpreted the generic script, from staging to the actors’ presentation. Similarly, living in a boarding house has let me meet people from across the world and discover how their culture affects their perceptions of the world. It has also improved my communication skills, prepared me for living away from home, and after being appointed to the role of Head of House my confidence has grown as I lead and represent the girls in the house.

This course would open many doors for me, and as I am unsure of what my next step is going to be I believe this is the best route to take. I’m eager to develop my understanding of both subjects with a higher level of sophistication.

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I obviously have an advantage, having lived abroad and in a boarding house, but hopefully this will be helpful to people who have absolutely no idea what to write. I used this website to find basic templates for my own personal statement, so maybe someone will stumble across this and use it for themselves.

I applied for English and Drama, despite not doing Drama at GCSE or A-level. This didn't seem to be a limitation though, as all the other aspects of my personal statement were strong, and I was accepted to all the schools I applied to.

My predicted grades are A, B, B, C (A in English):

Bath Spa University: CCC
University of Greenwich: BCC (C in English)
University of Reading: ABB (B in English)
University of East Anglia: ABB (A in English)
Univesity of Winchester: Unconditional


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