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I can not recall a single day of my life when I haven't enjoyed the pleasures of literature; whether reading one of Blake's poems or, Ken Kesey's novels I have always felt enthusiasm for the English language.

I developed this interest further during my study of AS-level English where I particularly enjoyed exploring language acquisition and investigating the linguistic difference of British and American sports commentary.

As a result of reading books such as 'Brave new world' and 'The Da Vinci code' I have been inspired to write a novel, and I would ultimately hope to see this published.

I would also like to study the classics, such as Shakespeare, Chaucer, Fitzgerald and Hemingway; I believe that a thorough investigation of the way the English language is used in literature is, apart from being fascinating in its own right, a sound grounding for later life.

I believe that the experience of university is principally a beneficial life lesson: a necessary tool to broaden my reading and intellectual horizons. I trust the stimuli I shall receive from university will be extremely important; in particular being in the company of other writers and like minded people is an environment I would thrive in.

I feel this would lead to a constructive atmosphere and consequently, the perfect challenge for me.

Having spent over a year in full time employment as a Legal Advisor I have learnt many things: most notably time management on account of being required to organise the workday schedule for me and others.

Also in my area of work there is a need for fast turnover which has taught me to thrive under pressure, yet the daily challenge of uncooperative clients means I have to alter my approach to suit, consequently my communication skills are essential and help me adapt with ease.

During my time in sixth form I enhanced my diplomatic skills - such as analytical debate and cooperation with people of different opinions - whilst serving as my schools representative to the Stafford collegiate forum.

Another significant influence has been a trip I made to Romania; there I worked with deprived communities and taught disadvantaged children to play the guitar - whilst delivering various donated musical instruments to several churches. This was a very valuable experience for me, as a result I would like to be in a position, within my chosen career, to help others in a similar position in the future.

In my spare time I take pleasure in various hobbies: I enjoy attending my local book club where we read a diverse collection of literature from Allen Ginsberg and William Borroughs to Danny Scheinmann.

My favourite authors are Aldous Huxley, Jim Morrison and - the pioneers of the creative non-fiction movement in particular - Hunter S Thompson: their innovative approach to writing is appealing to me.

With regard to other interests, I like to think of myself as someone who is helpful and interesting to talk too; I have enrolled on the level one Counselling course at my local college.

Since finishing my A-levels I have had time to consider whether going to university was definitely what I want to do. As a result I am now sure it is the right path for me and therefore I am determined to succeed. Having the experience of full time employment I now feel more responsible, disciplined and dedicated to my goals.

After concluding my studies I would consider postgraduate as an option; however, my intended outcome of studying at university is to pursue a career in journalism which I have aspired to for many years.

In particular I would like to travel as a foreign correspondent or similar role in order to see the world. I would also continue to concentrate on the development of my novel concurrently; whichever route I take I believe studying a university will help me become a more erudite individual.

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This personal statement was written by oliverdowning for application in 2009.

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Got me an unconditional offer for my first choice, Liverpool John Moores, and i didn't wait to find out if i would recieve an offer from my other choices before accepting.


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