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English, being the most diverse language in the world in terms of vocabulary range and one of the most heavily influenced by other cultures, makes for fascinating study and usage. Drawing influences from Celtic, West Germanic dialects, Latin, Greek and French to name but a few make the English language riveting both in terms of use and etymology.

The almost ambiguous way writers can create texts that can evoke completely opposite emotions with the same language. Shakespeare created an initially pitiable character of Macbeth and transformed him into a detestable shell of humanity. Whereas, Brontë created Jane Eyre who you genuinely empathised with. The ability to construct these characters and real emotions from words is truly amazing.

The ability to express yourself clearly and concisely is important in any course and work of life and my part time work in the garden centre Dobbies has helped develop my communication skills. This involved working with customers often in problematic situations, listening, explaining and solving problems or queries they may have.

This also involved working with and around other employees which has developed my team working skills. I have also been given the opportunity to help train a new employee by having them shadow with me, this involved a large amount of communication between myself and the new member of staff as the learning curve is at times rather steep. This too shows the trust my employers have in my competence of work.

For years I have played rugby at various levels, from school and club to district. In S2 playing with West of Scotland and winning the Scottish Championship with myself being awarded Man of the Match. The responsibility of playing at a high level has taught me the importance and ability of effective teamwork and when need be the aptitude to exercise confident leadership.

I have in recent months, in my spare time began to teach myself British Sign Language through resources from the internet and material from local libraries. This challenges my time keeping as, although, I have a strong willingness to learn but have to balance my learning around other work for school and activities.

Slightly over a year ago,18 other pupils and I were involved in an expedition to Peru. This was funded by a year of fundraising, the extra work required greatly developed my determination and resolve to achieve my goals. The charity work completed on our expedition included the construction of a new room for a school in a small village called Cachicatta. This work contributed to my progress of attaining my Millennium Volunteer Silver Award which the voluntary work in Peru has contributed to.

Sports, other than rugby, play a large part in my life. I enjoy running recreationally but have previously I have competed at a high level in athletics competing for a Scottish Pentathlon team against England, Ireland, Northern Ireland and Wales. I too enjoy Judo; although relatively new to the sport I find the challenge of learning greatly enjoyable.

Music is important to my life, both listening and playing. I play both electric and acoustic guitar both at a fairly moderate level. I too enjoy listening to a wide variety of music and support many artists both local and well established.

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This personal statement was written by dvallance for application in 2008.

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First draft of my personal statement for English


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Admissions see what every

Admissions see what every year? The information they require? The information THEY ask for in the guide? If you aren't going to offer constructive critism please don't comment.


This is very good, wish you all the best.

Can I just oppose whoever

Can I just oppose whoever mentioned 'quote'.
Most universities (in fact, its one of UCAS' biggest no-no's) really dislike quotes. Besides, how does it show a knowledge of the law. All it shows is that you can copy out of a book. Or that you are one of the many users of!

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