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I have always been intrigued by the way a writer can influence and almost come a part of a reader’s thoughts and emotions, by their ability to paint their picture through imagery and language. Having read a variety of different novels my enthusiasm and desire to study English at a higher level has grown to become an ultimate ambition. I am enthralled by the concept of how language can be manipulated to engage and steer our minds into a deliberate path.

My desire to study English stemmed from my love of books which inspired me to write creatively from an early stage in my life. By reading novels of various genres, I have been able to evaluate the different styles of writing by different authors, which has allowed me to appreciate the diverse ways of writing, whether it’s through fictional, philosophical or even historical texts. In today’s time, modern authors can use various writing methods to rewrite history from a more personal perspective. This gives readers the advantage of getting lost and captured in a novel which almost gives you an outlook of witnessing the story. Malorie Blackman for instance wrote ‘Noughts and Crosses’ from a different aspect of reality to give an alternative view on history to put emphasis on her view of segregation between races. This is in contrast to older authors like Shakespeare who exposed socially taboo issues within plays to shock as well entertain, through various themes which the audience could relate to such as deception and homosexuality.

Complementing English Literature I chose History and Philosophy at A level. Through these subjects I adapted skills such as writing coherently and being able to interpret and break down factual information. Reading Classics such as Nietzsche: Beyond good and evil in Philosophy enabled me to broaden my literacy skills and develop a greater understanding of an archaic style of writing. Also my way of thinking has matured in a way that I am able to comprehend other views in relation to theories of David Hume and Plato. Additionally, History has allowed me to develop my research skills, and being able to pick out vital points within complex texts and interpret them into my own understanding.

My past experiences and opportunities to an extent have given me a rewarding insight into studying English at University. During my time in Secondary School, I was the Editor of the Magazine which would update the students on a weekly basis. This allowed me to develop my analytical skills, as needed when studying and writing in-depth essays. Also, by being a prefect, I was able to convey my responsibility and leadership ability to other students. My confidence along with my oratory aptitude grew through public speaking in assemblies and regular prefect meetings. Similarly by taking the role of a learning mentor, I guided younger students which required discipline, advice and communication which I was able to enhance. Furthermore, by being gifted and talented in English throughout my time in school, and receiving the highest SATs results throughout my year group, gave me the opportunity to experience an English Lecture at The University of Cambridge.

I am aware that hard work and commitment is crucial in succeeding in such a demanding course. I hold a genuine interest in English literature and aim to have a career from it. Not only do I possess the qualities and skills to do well, I also have a drive to succeed and fulfill my future career plans.

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