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From an early age I have been interested in reading and in the English language. Through the GCSE and A-level literature courses, I have been able to refine this interest into an analytical approach. I am fascinated by the way literature has both influenced and been influenced by the history and culture of society. I particularly enjoy 20th century prose, for example the novels of E.M. Forster. My interest in drama has developed through a range of theatre visits, both in and out of school

My diverse range of A-level options have enabled me to adopt a mature and rational attitude to many issues and topics and discover links between my subjects. Studying German has been beneficial because it has provided insights into a different culture. Also, my exploration of a foreign language has allowed me to make discoveries about my own language. I chose physics as a contrasting subject to English and German because of the different demands placed upon me and the way it allows me to think in a logical and structured manner. This balanced approach to problems will be useful at university and in my future career

My career plans are still open at this stage, but I may choose to work in publishing or librarianship. I would enjoy the challenge of analysing and predicting the desires of readers, particularly in an age when IT and the Internet have changed many people's attitudes to books. To gain experience of the publishing industry I have begun volunteer work in a charity bookshop. Again, my German skills are useful because they allow the possibility of international work

I am equipping myself for future study and employment by accepting positions of responsibility both in and outside school

Within school I am House Captain, giving me the opportunity to work with my peers, teachers and younger pupils. This position has developed my organisation and communication skills. I have also worked for the past year as a literacy prefect and 'reading friend'. This has meant assisting in the school's campaign to raise literacy standards and also helping younger pupils to improve their reading. As well as the satisfaction of seeing improved standards and the fun of sharing books with others, I have been able to gain teaching experience and a better understanding of language issues and problems

Outside of school, I have a long-standing commitment to voluntary work. For several years I have held the position of Young Leader with a local Brownie pack. I am now able to lead groups and to form ideas quickly. These leadership skills will be useful in the future, as I will be able to work as part of a team and also make valuable contributions within this group environment. I am looking forward to the opportunities available to me at university and would like to become involved with community groups and student journalism.

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