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With the English language I met for the first time when I was five. Then it was just learning single words, short phrases. It was just fun rather than any particular fascination. I came to be more involved at the age of seven, learning the language in primary school. The real fascination was born when I was nine, when my cousins, who were permanent residents in the United Kingdom visited my family in Poland. Raised in Scotland they did not know the Polish language so I could get along with them only in English. The knowledge that the school had provided me so far did not give me the possibility of a smooth communication. From then on learning English became my passion and I saw a lot of new opportunities in the language. First I wanted to communicate with my family, and, with gaining more knowledge, I wanted to understand English more fluently, I wanted to read and learn about the language, about the people who use it, about the culture of the countries where the language is spoken. Lastly, I realized that there are very few places in the world where you cannot communicate in this language. Therefore, my next step was to select a good high school with a language class, and since then my choices in the selection of education have always been connected with the English language. At the moment I attend the European bilingual class with English being the language of tuition on some subjects.

In the last three years I took part in many interesting projects, competitions and lectures which would like to mention. One of them was "Euroweek" - a program in which we gained knowledge of leadership, working and motivation in group, we learned about volunteering, we explored the world cultures, the European Union, we discussed culture shock, we learned to carry out a press conference and took part in Oxford debate. These were fascinating five days during which volunteers from all over the world, from Kenya, Mexico, Philippines, India, Azerbaijan to name but a few, spent all their time with us. Besides learning about other cultures, languages, customs, foods and traditions, we spent the time talking in a language that everyone knew - English. It was a marvelous feeling that we can talk about serious topics and also joke without thinking about the language we spoke. We became bilingual.

Being a student of a bilingual class, I also had the chance to participate in other valuable events. We often took part in a variety of lectures in English. One such lecture was the so-called "Eurocafe" on the topic of "Human Rights" in Katowice, which opened my eyes to how people do not respect the law and have no respect for human life. Every year I volunteer in the Amnesty International letter writing marathon to help prisoners of conscience and other people, whose rights are violated. Every year, thanks to all the participants the organisation manages to improve the situation of several or even a dozen of political prisoners.
I have always loved to learn foreign languages and I have no difficulty with it. I enjoy learning English, German, Spanish, or Polish, I love learning about our speech apparatus, but a most interesting experience will be studying about subjects that offer a more precise and scientific approach to language learning.

I believe that thanks to the university I have the opportunity to develop myself and my abilities. It will enhance my career prospects, and I will get to know the culture and customs of your country. I tend to set myself concrete objectives and I succeed in accomplishing them. I am responsible and consistent in action. One of my assets is the ability to learn quickly and adapt to the environment. I am a creative person with a passion and I keep developing new interests and goals, with the support of my friends and family. My dream is to study and I will strive for it because whenever I take up something I try to give my best. As Phil Bosmans once said „dreams are here to pursue them”, so I will endeavor to succeed.

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