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Ever since I have had the ability to understand it, I have been fascinated by the English language. As a child, I would either be writing, reading or telling stories and ever sine then, have read a wide variety of both fiction and non-fiction texts from a variety of genres and eras.

This passion for language has led me to many different extra-curricular activities. For the past four years, I have attended a Youth Theatre each week where we concentrate very much on both improvised and scripted drama but also have done work on stage management, stage make-up, singing, and signed singing (an interest which begun with my learning of both violin and double bass to grade 4 standard).
With this same organisation, I have volunteered for the past three years at one of the children’s groups where I work helping with drama, music and art. It was with this same organisation that I decided to learn Sign Language.

I have recently gained my British Sign Language Level 1 certificate and am now beginning a Level 2 course. I began learning Sign Language at the same time as starting my A-Level in English Language and Literature, a course I have found extremely interesting. Taking these two courses concurrently was very exciting for me as learning more about the linguistics of the English Language enabled me to make comparisons between the two languages.

These interests have led me to this course which I not only feel suits my needs and interests aptly, but also excites me in its course content. Although I’ve enjoyed all of my A-Level English Language and Literature course but have found a few parts of it particularly interesting. I specifically enjoyed our coursework tasks for our AS Level as it included writing a piece of original fiction, an aspect of English which I have always enjoyed. I also enjoyed the task of performing a monologue as I have missed not being able to study drama as a subject.

I try to follow my interests outside of school and so attend a wide variety of theatre productions, art exhibitions, musical performances and subject related lectures. When studying psychology last year, I attended a large psychology conference with a variety of speakers which was both helpful and interesting. Last year I also attended an ‘art master class’ organised with Middlesex University and with nine other students, it gave more opportunity for more detailed and involved discussions. I have not yet had the opportunity to attend an English related lecture but look forward to a study day in March which will aid me with my study of Shakespeare’s Antony and Cleopatra.

Alongside this and my voluntary work with the drama organisation, I have worked in a variety of jobs which have all helped to develop my sense of responsibility as they were dependent on both teamwork and co-operation but also my use of initiative.

I have chosen to defer my entry to 2005 as I plan to complete a voluntary teaching placement in Africa. The prospect of this placement excites me as it will give me the opportunity to travel, to meet new people, to experience new cultures, and, above all, help out where much help is needed. I feel that taking a gap year is going to benefit me greatly as it will enable me to gain valuable life skills that will benefit me both at university but also in whatever I choose to do following university whether it be a postgraduate course or work.

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University of Portsmouth
University of Portsmouth
University of Westminster

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can anyone tell me which universities the person who wrote this was accepted into?

You can see the authors

You can see the authors university choices to the right of the personal statement. She applied to King's College, Goldsmiths College, Portsmouth,
and Westminster and was accepted to all of them apart from Goldsmiths.

The biggest problem is that

The biggest problem is that this person doesn't mention any of the authors they are particularly interested in. I'm speaking as someone who's only being taught how to write a PS for English Literature, but I would have thought that's the most important thing to include!


What were your predicted grades for A level? and your complated AS level grades? because that obviously has a huge impact on whether you will be accepted or decliend by universities, notonly yourpersonal statement right?

This person doesn't really

This person doesn't really state 'WHY' they want to go to university. Mostly they focus on what they have done, not how this will enable them to study english in the future. nevertheless this person has clearly displayed knowledge and understanding of literature but does not elaborate at all.

anyone wana share emails so

anyone wana share emails so we can help one another? I'm appyling for difficult uni's like UCL and Kings and really could use the extra help and would love to help others! let me know?!

Please use our forum!

Rather than sharing email addresses, please use our student discussion forum at http://www.studentdiscussion.co.uk thanks.

this is not written by an

this is not written by an english literature applicant...

I am currently writing my

I am currently writing my statement for an English Literature degeree and although i have a great love of literature i am struggling to include examples of the authors i have read!!

Very good

I have to admit that this is a extremely interesting personal statement! Someone who left a horrible message commenting on how you made a mistake in your personal statement, spelling "since" wrong; I think they will not get far and are jealous of your great ambitions to do well in life,well done and im sure you will be vey successful!

aaargh why didnt they get

aaargh why didnt they get into goldmsiths? Goldsmiths is my first choice are they especially picky??


i think people are being a little to harsh on this personal statement it is imposible to include everything in one statement otherwise it will end up sounding like a list so being selective is good. The sign language and the year out oin africa will also immediately flag up in the admissions tutors mind and makes the candidate stand out. i would say he or she has a strong chance of being accepted.

I cannot seem to find a

I cannot seem to find a section within your personal statement that actually gives precedence to your interest in English. Where exactly have you talked about the authors and poets that have inspired you or led you into your wider reading? Heck, there is no mention of wider reading. You seem to love your extra-curricular activities - which is great, I have a list as long as my arm too - but I don't know how Kings could offer you a place if you failed to mention such crucial things. You must have done brilliantly at your interview. If you don't mind, how were your grades at GCSE, AS & A Level?

Some of the people commenting

Some of the people commenting on this statement seem to forget that english is not just about reading books and poems. It is a far wider study, the english language aspect of which includes all of the extracurricular activities perfectly!! By the way, what use is it stating that you love a few poets when your aim is to use your english degree to go into journalism (for example). So please think about it people!

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