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Working abroad as an English Teaching Assistant has ignited a passion for English I never knew existed. Seeing how powerful the English language is, being able to convey thoughts, makes me want to enhance my knowledge of English. The additional TESOL qualification moulds a course that is perfect for my ambition; to be able to teach English to those who requires the full understanding of the language.

I feel ready to immerse myself into a higher level of English and the high work load that the course requires, which I have steadily been preparing for. In my own time I have started to read more books, such as, Beginning Theory: An Introduction to Literary and Cultural Theory’ by Peter Barry and authors such as Alex Garland and D.H Lawrence, whose novels are fascinating. Exploring these different writing styles motivates me to learn about others. During my time at university, I will acquire new and refine existing skills. This includes: how to critically examine diverse forms of communication, improve my writing skills to create meaning between the lines and better my critical thinking skills. Learning these skills will be indispensable for all potential occupations.

I was eager to gain some experience working in a different country so I went to Spain. I worked as an English Teaching Assistant, which forms part of my motivation to study the TESOL part of the course. One activity we planned was to set-up a market in the local town, where children ran their own stalls and sold items they made. This activity improved the children’s team-working skills and gave them an opportunity to use English in a practical way. Subsequently the children improved their ability to form questions, as they could do this quicker than before. As the year came to an end, I was teaching classes by myself and helping teachers with their English. I observed teachers and became aware of the fact that teachers need to have premeditated lesson plans, have excellent time management skills, adaptability and always thrive to improve themselves and their student's. I will be looking to enhance these skills during my time at University.

During my time in Spain I learnt Spanish. This improved my overall communication because I had to consciously think about sentence structure which improved my awareness of how to say things in English. The experience of learning Spanish has taught me that education is the way forward and that I must develop my knowledge further.

I have pursued my interest in Lacrosse, through discovering the game at eighteen to playing against the Spanish national team; this shows my commitment and self-confidence. To play in front of a crowd you need the commitment to train and push yourself to play at higher levels and then the confidence to showcase your skills in a pressured environment. It takes hours of practicing shooting in your back garden to score goals in a match. These skills are necessary to succeed at University.

Between the ages of fifteen to eighteen, I volunteered in the ‘Sporting Chances’ project. This was aimed at giving younger children extra-curriculum activities, which were mainly, but not limited to, football and basketball. In this role I assisted and led football drills and matches. This shows initiative and also provided me with an opportunity to serve my community. I like to travel and experience new cultures. In June I will walk ‘Camino de Santiago’, a 484 mile trek which starts in Southwestern France and ends in Northwestern Spain, next to the Atlantic Ocean. This shows my love of travelling, my independence and organisational skills.

I await this demanding degree course that will challenge me to the edge of my capabilities and I hope that the desire for who I can become, outweighs any negatives that may stand in my way. I believe that the previous two years out of education, coupled with my Foundation year, makes me confident that I possess the skills and commitment to succeed at University.

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I was contacted by the Universities saying that my personal statement was impressive, i hope it'll be useful for others who are looking to apply to Uni! Good luck :)


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