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I am a student at Eastside Comprehensive, studying A-levels in English Literature, Product Design and Information Technology and I am very pleased with my current progress. I have studied for Key Skills subjects in ICT and Communications and achieved a level three in both areas.

During my extra free periods, I opted to study extra vocational courses in ICT. As I have an interest in First Aid, I have taken the St John’s Ambulance Qualification and gained certification for both stage one and stage two. Throughout my duration in sixth form my knowledge has developed considerably and I wish to take this to the next level.

During my time in the sixth form I worked alongside teachers during lunchtimes as a school prefect.

I enjoyed this position enormously as it gave me great responsibility and allowed me to develop my confidence and communication skills. My main role was to keep the school buildings clear whilst ensuring that students behave themselves in an appropriate manner.

I have helped I.T. teachers during my free periods to help students in various year groups make the best use of the ICT facilities available to them. On one occasion I helped show a group of year 5 primary pupils on a visiting day at our school to use the Internet.

I found this a great enjoyment, as I was able to share my knowledge with pupils. Recently, I assisted the I.T. technician in school to help set-up new computers and install the appropriate software required to make them run on the school network. This was an interesting experience as I able to use my current IT knowledge and skills.

Since I was at a very young age I have always enjoyed reading various novels. I always tend to read a wide selection of novels that are from different genres and periods; I have especially enjoyed reading novels from the Victorian era, as I find it interesting to see how society has evolved.

I have from the age of thirteen had an interest in computing, even though it is a broad field I generally enjoy every aspect of it. I enjoy web designing and as I have an interest in science fiction I designed a web site and this has proved successful.

During my spare time I have upgraded my own PC, set-up my own home network and learned a variety of operating systems, such as Red Hat Linux. I enjoy designing computer-based drawings using software packages like ProDesktop and AutoCAD. In my own time I have developed simple programs using Visual Basic 6 and Visual Studio .NET.

During February 2002 I taken a work experience as a computer technician, this placement was at Diskhouse in Walsall. I enjoyed this work experience placement enormously as I was able to adapt my current ICT knowledge into a real life situation.

Within the period of my placement, I built several PC’s and installed a variety of operating systems, especially Microsoft Windows 98. I repaired a number of computer faults and fitted new hardware such as hard drives and CD-ROM drives.

Near the end of the placement I designed a web site for the company using a wide variety of web design software, such as Macromedia Dreamweaver and Flash. As a result, I developed my skills and knowledge but at the same time I was able to work at a professional standard and manage customer problems effectively.

I was asked to manage the department for a few days as the main IT technician was absent due to a personal problem, therefore allowing me to work at a responsible level and working under pressure.

I recently have been awarded with a Gold Crest award for excellence in Product Design. This involved me designing a sensory board for a group of special needs children.

I have chosen to study English because I have a deep interest in computer technology and it has always been my ambition to put my knowledge of IT along with English to perhaps write my own books on computer topics.

Through my dedication to study and working at the best of my ability, I wish to take my current knowledge to the next level and therefore by gaining a degree I will be able to fulfil my ambitions.

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1. You've written way too

1. You've written way too much about e/c things, and not enough about why you want to do the course

2. You don't need those first couple of sentences, as that information is stated elsewhere on your UCAS form.

Joint Honours

My personal statement was my first draft, so it improved a great deal since what you have read so far. My personal statement was to study both I.T. and English as a joint honours degree. Because I like both subjects enormously, I thought i'd do both.

Sorry about the confusion - my first draft doesn't quite outline the fact that i'm applying for both.

Thanks for congratulating me on my achievements, by the way.

You've repeated things

You've repeated things already elsewhere on your UCAS form (school and subjects), which wastes space. In fact, the beginning sounds more like you're writing a letter asking for work experience or something. The "I am pleased with my progress" sounds more like something you would find on a junior school report. Also, any decent admissions tutor for English would chuck this in the "reject" pile immediately, because you've made some shockingly bad grammatical errors. As the admissions tutor at Manchester said, no matter how good the content is, if it's badly written, they won't even consider you.

You've written a grand total

You've written a grand total of three lines about why you want to study English, and they begin with "Since I was at a very young age...."

Even if the grammar wasn't appalling, how many times do you think admissions tutors have seen variations on that sentence? It's about as unoriginal as you can get.

I'm not trying to be mean, but it's the truth.

This was a rough first draft and not official

I know my first draft is particularly good but it was my first attempt at writing this personal statement. As I have said before it has been improved a lot since the version you are currently reading.

It was only my final draft that got me into my English and I.T. joint honours course.


i thought it was ok : )

which universities did the

which universities did the author apply to/get into?

ease off this poor chap! he's

ease off this poor chap! he's tried his best and thats all we can ask! it does suck quite a bit but the first draft always does.


I realise this discussion took place a long time ago. But if the author wishes to resubmit his/her personal statement they can do so by emailing it to me at ps@studential.com and I will see it replaces this one.

I'm being hypocritical

I'm being hypocritical because my PS sounds the same but the first paragraph sounds like a robot just stating what you've done. No feeling nor passion.

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