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Over 309 million people speak English as their first language so it is often referred to as a
"global language". We all use it and we all know it yet I feel that few of us understand it.
This is why I am interested in developing my own understanding of the language that I, and
those around me, use and encounter on a daily basis. I have enjoyed English as a subject
throughout the entirety of my academic life so far and wish to pursue this enjoyment. Authors
who have encouraged my enjoyment started with Jacqueline Wilson and Enid Blyton and went on to
include Louise Rennison, Virginia Andrews and Ian McEwan, whose abilities to absorb the reader
into a different world interests me, and with the chance to develop my own writing skills is
something I hope to be capable of.

I attend a local book club once a month, which allows me to read books that I may have not
chosen for myself, which helps greatly in widening my interests in different authors and
genres, and enables me to enjoy discussions and varied opinions. My other interests include
horse riding and walking, which due to living in a coastal area with moors, are considerably
enjoyable. I volunteer at the local youth club twice a week, where I help to supervise and
partake in activities and games with the children.

I am currently enjoying a gap year and working full time. I chose to take a gap year mainly
because I felt I wasn't completely sure what path would be best for me, so I decided that the
best option was to have time to think seriously and to make sure I was making the right choice
and not wasting any time on a course not suited to me. I have also lived independently from my
parents for two years, so feel I am adequately equipped for university life. Working full time
has given me roles of responsibility, and shows how I am a dedicated, trusted and hard-working
member of society.

I am looking forward to meeting new people from different backgrounds and cultures at
university, new challenges, and a new way of life. After completing the course I aim to take a
post-graduate teaching course, in order to fulfil my ambition of becoming a primary school

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This personal statement was written by Kay for application in 2008.


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This one was good. You didn't

This one was good. You didn't try to big yourself up as much as the others did.

I rarely leave comments, yet

I rarely leave comments, yet this statement frankly baffled me as it seemed to lack any real enthusiasm and the exmamples used (Enid Blyton!!!) are yes, books we all may loved as children, yet at a university level I imagine even the most basic of university courses would require a deeper insight into certain pieces of literature.

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