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Ever since I was a child I have had a passion for reading and writing and I believe that English is the ideal course for me to study at university. In school, English has consistently been my strongest subject and one that I find the most challenging, yet rewarding. My reading tastes are eclectic and I admire many writers, from those typically studied academically, such as Shakespeare, to contemporary novelists like Zadie Smith. My involvement in writing for Reality (the youth section of my local newspaper, the Jersey Evening Post) together with an article for the JCG Old Girls Magazine has given me first-hand experience in writing for an audience. This has reinforced my desire to study English at university

Studying English has not only given me the opportunity to appreciate works of literature, but has also allowed me to develop skills that will be of considerable benefit to me in the future. I have learnt to extract meaning through the detailed analysis of texts and to articulate my interpretation. I believe that these skills are generic and applicable in all walks of life. I have also always been interested in important moral debates, and I am aware that our great writers have often combined entertainment for their contemporary readers whilst addressing issues whose significance is as relevant today as when it was written. The study of literature has also enabled me to understand something of the cultural and historical contexts in which texts were written. Throughout my time studying English I have developed qualities that I am proud of - confidence in expressing my opinions, the ability to prompt and engage in group discussion and a willingness to explore different ideas and approaches to literature

The fact that I enjoy English so much means that motivation and commitment, two characteristics that I believe to be of the utmost importance, come relatively naturally to me

My love of writing leads me to favour journalism as a potential career, as I am fascinated by current affairs. Whilst this profession is often regarded as difficult to enter, I believe that my determination and confidence will help me to succeed. I have always enjoyed debating and have been involved in this both in and out of school. I contributed to the Jersey Youth Assembly in 2002, an event that mirrored a real parliamentary sitting of the States of Jersey, but consisted of students from the island's sixth forms. I acted as 'seconder' for a highly controversial motion, writing both my own speech and that of the 'proposer'

Aside from academic studies, I enjoy a variety of pursuits. These include drawing, walking, cycling and yoga. I am keen on drama, gaining a GCSE in the subject and acting in school productions, and this is a hobby that I would like to continue at university. At present, I am doing voluntary unpaid community service, working in a coffee shop at the General Hospital, which I find worthwhile and rewarding. I am hoping to count this towards my Duke of Edinburgh Silver award. In school, I have been given the responsibilities of prefect and deputy house captain, positions that have benefited me in terms of both my organisational and time-keeping skills and have allowed me to become deeply involved with my school in its various activities and fundraising events.

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The start made me fall asleep

The start made me fall asleep! it was quite long and dare say dreary.
sorry but i did not find it at all fascinating.

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