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English has long since endured an inappropriate reputation of being boring, lack-luster. However, it is not until you've become engrossed in the language that the true power is revealed, how a single word can bend someone's mind to a cause, take them to a world they can only dream off, or create an atmosphere so tense you can not stop reading. My decision to study English Language has been influenced by the words themselves, fueling an intense desire to understand why and how English shapes the country, the literature, and ourselves. I believe this course will expand this understanding of English Language further in all contexts, developing my knowledge of novels, advertisements, journalism and all sections of literature that requires a deeper understanding of the language.

Within school I have always tried to embrace English, instantly signing up to assist within the library when the oppurtunity arose and then at a later date being selected to participate in an English based competition across the local schools within a team of three other people, which required quick yet effective analysis of a text. I have been lucky enough to be blessed with fantastic teachers throughout previous years who have helped ignite my passion for the language both in and out of the school walls. This love of English has expanded and imbued with another AS Subject, Law. Being a fan of persuasive writing Law was a clear choice for me to take and during Law I have visited the local Magistrate's court to study how they speak, how the plaintiff and defendant rally for their clients. I also participated in a mock-law trial acting as a jury member, this allowed me to take a momentary back seat and evaluate how each case was presented. Within school I have been assigned non-academic responsibilities also ; I was a prefect during High School, and in College I nominated myself and was then elected to represent my form, attending meetings to discuss important issues within the college before reporting back.

Outside of school I have worked as a Freelance Graphic Designer which often requires me to write slogans, advertisements and information for companies ; while still small, this work has allowed me to obtain knowledge in how to handle funds and responsibility on a larger scale. I've been an avid reader of newspapers for years, not only to keep up to date on modern events but also to decipher what the writer actually means, rather than what we are presented, particularly enjoying comparing tabloid newspapers to broadsheets and the stark comparisons between the two. In conjunction with this I enjoy spending a relaxing evening reading novels or short stories ; with a penchant for Stephen King and horror tales in general, but also harbouring a guilty pleasure for the work of Michael Crichton. This love of novels is coupled with my own writing as I often draft and create short stories, some of which expand into longer pieces ; the topic of these tales is varied, yet I particularly enjoy creating horror tales. These will often be focused on how darkness, sounds and perspectives can not only present danger to our bodies, but also to our minds. I've always maintained that modern horror films and a significant number of books lack what is truly necessary for a frightening tale. Language and the prospect of danger is often far more worrying then being presented with brutal descriptions and the human mind, being the amazing entity it is, allows our imagination to create something far worse then the reality.

While at college, my first year did not go according to plan. While in English I achieved a grade I was exteremly pleased with, my other subjects did not follow suit. I truly believe that I've been given a chance to prove myself in this second year, by retaking the necessary modules for both Law and Graphics I hope to expand, develop and upgrade the grades I achieved last year while still maintaining the English Language grade. It is rare in life that we are given second chances and I will be taking full advantage of this oppurtunity.

University is an increasingly exciting prospect for me, a desire and need to study English Language among other like-minded people. As well as expanding on my knowledge of English, university offers a fantastic oppurtunity to experience a new way of life, new people and new cultures. English Language will be both a platform to Journalism, a profession which deeply intrigues me, and a joyful understanding of language that will stay throughout my life.

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This personal statement was written by BrokeNL for application in 2009.

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With only a week till the Ucas App deadline (Early for our college) I needed to get this done. Hopefully it's not too bad, though I feel I may have become to personal at points or have written too much. Hopefully you can help, constructive criticism and any advice (Especially from this doing English Lang!) is greatly appreciated. Thank you.

Edit : I didn't realise I had written so little, going to beef it up a bit.
Edit again : Updated.


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You have a lot of serious spelling mistakes

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