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"The highest appreciation is not to utter words but to live by them." This powerful quote by John Kennedy illustrates the magnitude of the written and spoken word in our everyday lives. The words we speak are like the actions we take; they define us, which is why I wish tofurther my knowledge of English and literature. Writing and studying the works of others would give me the opportunity to express creativity and imagination without boundaries.

A course in English would give me the chance to study some of the greatest (not simply the most well known) writers from a variety of eras and genres. I never cease to be amazed by their ability to provoke reactions from their readers; Rudyard Kipling's inspirational poem "If" for example, is not merely a piece of entertainment, but a suggested way of life.

English is a great part of my life and has been engaging me from an early age; it was the fairytales of Hans Christian Anderson that first sparked my interest in literature, and over the years, while my choice in reading has developed to a wider range of authors from Jane Austen and George Elliot to Steven King and Terry Pratchett, I still enjoy the innocence conveyed so simply in the childhood tales. As well as reading, I also enjoy writing, having
been a published poet by the age of 10 and winning competitions within my local community.

My A-level subjects help me to develop my understanding of some of the motivators for producing pieces of literature, for example the social factors affecting a person's productions, the frame of mind you must be in to transform your thoughts into a cohesive piece of work, and the impact of some of the major factors and events that influence literature, such as war or politics.

A-level English Language / Literature Combined provides me with a knowledge of frameworks and features important in both the study of existing literature and the production of my own work. By careful examination of work such as Emily Bronte's tragic romance, "Wuthering Heights", Phillip Larkin's brutally honest collection of poetry, "The Whitsun Weddings", Sylvia Plath's heartbreaking "Ariel", and Shakespeare's dramatic tragedy, "A Winter's Tale", I have learnt analytical skills to extract creative and effective techniques to be transferred to my own work. These would prove especially beneficial when taking my English studies further.

As well as my love of English, I also enjoy more physical activities such as swimming and yoga, and I especially take pleasure in the Duke of Edinburgh Award, having completed my bronze and silver levels. The scheme has built up my confidence and I thoroughly enjoy working as part of a team, or when required, on an individual basis. It has taught me determination and commitment, as well as initiative and organisation.

These are skills which I apply to my work as a receptionist in an elderly people's home, where I enjoy conversations and interactions with the residents. I am a people-person and take great pride in the happiness of those around me; I trained for two months as an anti-bullying counsellor at my college and now provide sessions to students, lending a friendly ear and a
shoulder to cry on whenever necessary, an opportunity that I am grateful for as it has allowed me to develop my empathic skills and communication techniques.

Throughout my school life I showed dedication and commitment, achieving the "excellence at GCSE" award at my secondary school. I continue to work hard through college, and though I take great interest in my other subjects and show reliability and consistency in all academic and social aspects of my life, English has always been my passion, and I hope to continue and
further this in the coming years, always striving to reach my full potential.

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im taking it all mwahahahahahha

i like it a lot! its not ott!

i like it a lot! its not ott!!
where did you get an offer from?

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